Chara Spills Canucks Story; KHL Scores With Kebab; Islanders Bring Back Horrifying Mascot

The NHL never disappoints, and this week was no exception.

I will say this was one of the weirder weeks the hockey world has provided in recent memory. We've got two retired guys throwing barbs over a Stanley Cup Final from over a decade ago, a mascot that's back from the dead, and a goal scored with a skewer of meat.

Man, I love hockey.

Let's get to the latest edition of the NHL Weekly Awards...

Friendly Fire Of The Week: Thomas Chabot

Everyone gets frustrated every once in a while, but you don't want to take that rage out on a teammate, even if it's an accident.

Ottawa Senators defenseman Thomas Chabot broke that rule last week and accidentally gave Travis Hamonic a faceful of his Bauer twig.

Lucky for Hamonic, it looks like a trainer was standing right there and was able to tend to him immediately.

Reminder, kids: if you're going to swing your stick out of frustration, take a moment to make sure your teammate's face is out of range.

Most Likely To Be Killed By A Mob Of Villagers With Pitchforks And Torches: Nyisles

The New York Islanders finally brought back their-much-maligned at the time mid-'90s Fish Sticks jerseys, complete with a recolored Gorton's fisherman logo.

The jerseys are part of Adidas and the NHL's Reverse Retro program, and these look spiffy on the ice.

People love nostalgia and the jerseys weren't enough for the Islanders so they brought back an old mascot.

That Yukon Cornelius-looking monster is Nyisles and he was the team's mascot back when they were rocking the Fish Sticks jersey and Mike Milbury was behind the bench wanting to bludgeon whoever designed them with his shoe.

Nyisles teamed up with the club's current mascot, Sparky the Dragon (why a dragon? who knows?) to terrify the youth of the 21st century.

Keep the jerseys... maybe bury Nyisles.

I mean, literally bury him so he can't harm anyone else.

Best Shootout Attempt That Looks Like A Glitch From An NHL Video Game: Artemi Panarin

The Rangers have put together a solid season so far. This week, they sealed a nice win over the reigning Cup champions thanks to a jaw-dropping shootout attempt from Artemi Panarin.

The Breadman entered the zone wide, then made a sharp swing into the center of the ice. That's when he unloaded a flurry of leg kicks that looked like a button got stuck on a Playsation controller.

That video game-like kick-combo was enough to open up Avalanche goalie Alexandar Georgiev and Panarin roofed one almost into the Ball Center rafters.

What a finish.

Biggest Premature Celebration: 2011 Vancouver Canucks

I didn't expect to dish out a Weekly Award for something that happened more than a decade ago, but I make the rules, so...

Newly retired Zdeno Chara hopped on the Games With Names podcast and talked about how the 2011 Vancouver Canucks inadvertently gave his Boston Bruins some serious bulletin board material.

Chara said they saw the Canucks were rehearsing how they would skate the Cup if and when they clinched it on the ice at TD Garden. The Bruins forced a Game 7 in Vancouver and won, making the Canucks alleged rehearsals all for naught.

However, Kevin Bieksa says that Chara is full of it...

Biggest Bag Of Crap According to Kevin Bieksa: Zdeno Chara's Story About The 2011 Vancouver Canucks

Bieksa played on that Canucks team that lost Game 7 and led to citywide riots. He says that Chara's story isn't true.

"One of the dumbest things we've ever heard," Bieksa said. He argued that had that actually happened, someone in the media would have reported it.

The former Canucks defenseman slammed Chara for attacking his old club's credibility noting that their roster had three Hall of Famers in Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, and Roberto Luongo.

Like so many other stories, the truth probably lies somewhere in between Chara's story and Bieksa's.

Best Shootout Goal Scored With A Giant Shish Kebab: Andrei Altybarmakyan

Did you know the "K" in KHL stands for Kebab?

Well, it doesn't but it could now...

There was a lot of competition for this one, but Andrei Altybarmakyan of HC Sochi is this week's top shish kebab sniper.

He brought out a stick kebab that looked like it had gotten a healthy dose of Chornobyl radiation.

I'm not a fan of these shootout competitions that are turning into Carrot Top shows. I want to see some sick hands and filthy dekes, not who can phone up the best prop house in Moscow.

Nonetheless, Altybarmakyan did a nice job somewhat stick handling with that unwieldy-looking Kebab stick.

The KHL is... it's very strange.

That's all we've got for this week's edition of OutKick's NHL Weekly Awards. If you see anything between now and next week that you think is award-worthy, be sure to send it over to me on Twitter: @Matt_Reigle.

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