Chad Johnson Wants To Help The Bengals

The Bengals had a rough start to their season which combined a bizarre loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and an injury to star receiver Tee Higgins.

Have no fear, Bengals fans. An old pal, has offered his services in the interim.

Thoughts? I know my thoughts: the Bengals need to get that man on the phone as soon as possible.

Johnson last played for the Patriots back in 2011. These days, he plays a lot of FIFA and tweets, but he does look like he's in good shape. He even boxed former MMA fighter Brian Maxwell just last year.

Of course, mentioning in his offer that he could be used as a decoy is something other teams would pick up on, effectively making him not a decoy.

So then, when they're not paying attention to him, you hit him along the sidelines and he high-steps into the endzone, then putts the ball with a pylon.

It's genius.

Plus the league has loosened up on the celebration penalties since Johnsons called it a day. One can only imagine what OchoCinco would have up his sleeve these days.

We're On The Precipice A Receiver Renaissance Happening

There's something of a renaissance going on right now for receivers who have been out of the game for a minute. Earlier this week, Dez Bryant offered his services to the Dallas Cowboys, despite having played just one season since 2017.

Chad Johnsons ol' buddy from his Cincy days, TJ Houshmandzadeh, recently said that he thought another one of his former teammates — 48-year-old Terrell Owens — could still play today.

See what doing crunches in your driveway can do, kids?

I know the likelihood of one of these dudes getting signed is low. Very, very low. However, it's weird that there's been a rash of guys who have been out of the game for a while offering to come back.

It's like an action movie where they go to get the retired special forces guy who has been retired and try to bring him back. He resists at first, but gives in when they tell him he's the "best in the business."

It's not quite the same, because the special forces guy usually doesn't tweet that he wants to make a return, but it's close enough.

It probably wouldn't be pretty to watch, but I'd take it for the intravenous hit of late-aughts nostalgia.

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