CeeDee Lamb Gets Massive Kobe Bryant Tattoo

You won't see it under his uniform, but Dallas Cowboys wide receiver is going to be hitting the field with some new ink in 2023, and it features a giant homage to Kobe Bryant.

According to TMZ, Lamb was in Arizona for an appointment with tattoo artist Andres Ortega of Onder Ink.

Ortega posted a photo of the finished piece

If you flip through those pictures you'll see that at one point, Lamb had a few tattoo artists working on his massive backpiece at the same time to get the job done in a timely manner. Even with all the help, it still took a reported 8 hours to get it all finished.

As you can see, his new ink stretches from his shoulders down to his waist, and there's a lot going on. Perhaps most notable is that iconic image of Kobe Bryant gnawing away on his jersey.

If you look closely there's a jaguar, a Spartan, and a highway sign for Interstate 45 which runs through the Dallas area.

He also has the words "My story isn't over" on his shoulder, next to the portrait of Kobe. There's also a crown and a crucifix thrown into the mix for good measure.

Since he was on the table already, Lamb also got an additional tattoo on his calf.

I'm not completely sure what's going on with that one. I see stacks of money, a dollar sign, and some kind of cartoony skull.

I have no clue what that means (money skull? Skull money?), but I'm sure CeeDee Lamb does.

Hey man, whatever works.

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