Carlos Correa Trending Toward A Return To Minnesota Twins As Mets Contract Talks Remain Unresolved: Report

Superstar shortstop Carlos Correa can't get a new team to fall in love with him, so he may be headed back to an ex.

According to the latest update on the Correa contract saga, the Twins are back in the picture to sign the 28-year-old. As reported by The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal and Dan Hayes, talks between agent Scott Boras and the Twins are accelerating after discussions with the New York Mets hit a snag.

Another Team Enters The Mix

The report read, "With the status of the mega-deal he agreed to with the New York Mets last month unresolved, the Twins suddenly are back in the mix for the free-agent shortstop.


"Two club sources said Monday that talks between the Twins and Correa have begun to accelerate. A separate major-league source confirmed the development as well."

It's been such a long and winding road for Correa to get signed this offseason that the Twins managed to do to the Mets what New York once did to the San Francisco Giants.

And will they be the last team to intercept the star player with a questionable right leg injury? There's no telling.

To recap, Correa to the Giants was all but a done deal in December until concerns over his physical postponed the introductory press conference. Both sides originally agreed to their deal on Dec. 13, with the press conference arriving a week after.

Steve Cohen and the Mets got in contact with Boras hours after the canceled press meeting and managed to poach Correa from SF as both sides essentially agreed to a deal.


The Giants offered Correa a 13-year, $350 million offer, while Cohen and the Mets proposed 12 years for $315 million.

Though concerns over a right-leg injury Correa suffered nearly a decade ago were well known by the time Cohen and the Mets got involved, New York's own examinations on the player incited enough hesitation for the Twins to swoop in and potentially reel Correa back for another year in Minnesota.

Will This Be The End of the Correa Saga?

According to Rosenthal and Hayes, this does not rule out a done deal by the Mets, and the situation remains "fluid."

Correa had a strong campaign for Minnesota in 2022, batting .291/.366/.467 with 22 home runs.

Last week, Minnesota re-emerged as a potential candidate to re-sign Correa. They had originally offered him a 10-year, $285 million extension after 2022, but Correa declined. He opted out of his three-year, $105.3 million contract with the Twins in pursuit of a greater payday.

There's no telling whether the Twins will cave into a long-term deal once again, but at this point, Boras and Correa may need to accept nothing less than Minnesota's original deal to save face in this eventful off-season gamble they've been overseeing.