Cam Newton Thinks He's Better Than Every 'Motherf***er' In NFC South

Cam Newton ain't ready to ride off into the sunset just yet.

The three-time Pro Bowl QB hasn't played an NFL snap in nearly a year, but still believes he's got some juice left in the tank.

Appearing on the 'I Am Athlete' podcast with ex-receiver Brandon Marshall, Newton was asked about a comment he made last year in which he said there weren't 32 QBs in the league who were better than him.

Marshall doubled down, asking Newton if he still felt the same way. And, well, Cam Newton responded in the only way Cam Newton could.

"There ain't a motherf***er really, in like, sh*t, we can say the whole NFC South God****," Newton said, before realizing the hole he'd dug himself. "Sh*t, lemme stop."

Does Cam Newton think he's better than Tom Brady?

Cam! Don't take it back, my dude. Say it and OWN it. You're basically retired at this point, so who cares? Let it rip with no regrets, baby!

Look, Newton probably kinda-sorta has a point here. Marcus Mariota STINKS, and has finally been benched in Atlanta for Desmond Ridder.

Andy Dalton throws no less than three interceptions a game for the Saints, while the Panthers have ridden the ill-fated Baker Mayfield-PJ Walker-Sam Darnold train into the depths off hell this season.

Would you take any of those fellas over Cam Newton right now? It's a good question, because Cam was pretty awful last we saw him.

Honestly, he was SO bad in New England I think I mentally blocked those days out of my mind until just now. You think that offense stinks now? Go back and look at some Cam Newton film during those days.

So yes, it's not far-fetched to say Cam Newton is a better - or, at least, no worse - option than 90-year-old Andy Dalton or washed Marcus Mariota. That's fair.

But Tom Brady? Tom Brady!

I know it's been a rough year for the GOAT - on and off the field - but I'm not sure the Bucs have a win right now if Cam Newton is under center.

Love the confidence, though. Cocky Cam is always the way to go.

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