Brady Quinn Shreds Mackey Award Selection Of Georgia's Brock Bowers Over Notre Dame's Michael Mayer

College football commentator Brady Quinn was extremely displeased with the Mackey Award committee.

The Mackey Award, given out to the country's best tight end, is not traditionally the most controversial selection each year.

But this season, there were multiple excellent choices, and the committee seemingly did their best to avoid making them.

The award went to Georgia tight end Brock Bowers, which thoroughly annoyed Quinn.

Bowers undoubtedly had his moments this year, including a spectacular 73-yard touchdown catch.

But Quinn believed Notre Dame's Michael Mayer should have been the winner, and backed it up with some player grades.

There's certainly a strong argument to be made that Mayer was the superior player, both in terms of statistics and video analysis.

He had some spectacular catches of his own, and was consistently the most dangerous player on the field for the Irish.

Brady Quinn's Right About Mackey Award Snub

Mackey was so dominant this year that he's already declared for the NFL draft, with nothing left to prove in college.


It's not just Mayer, either.

Utah tight end Dalton Kincaid also had a remarkable season, essentially beating USC singlehandedly during the regular season.

Kincaid had 890 yards receiving and eight touchdowns and 70 receptions.

That far outpaced Brock Bowers' production, who had just 52 catches and six touchdowns.

There doesn't seem to be a great argument for choosing Bowers over Kincaid or Mayer. While we'll never know for sure, it might have simply come down to Georgia getting more national exposure.

Notre Dame and Utah both lost early in the season, and didn't receive the same level of attention afterwards.

Quinn has a strong point, Mayer and Kincaid were robbed.

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