Antonio Brown Shares Instagram Post Of Himself and Tom Brady's Wife, Gisele Bündchen

Antonio Brown needs to keep it in his pants.

The troubled ex-wideout had a personal message for Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady on Sunday.

Brown posted an Instagram picture of himself and Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bündchen, in an apparent jab at TB12. The shot was taken during the team's Super Bowl 55 postgame celebration.

"Put that S*** On," the post was captioned.

Amid rumors of marriage trouble between Brady and Bundchen — the First Couple (unofficial) of the NFL — Brown's pic really tried to stick it to the QB.

"Brady punching the air rn," said one IG commenter.

Considering Brady stuck his neck out give Brown a Tampa Bay tryout, only to have it backfire with an on-field tirade that led to AB's release, it was surprising to see the WR really go off the hinges with his Gisele pic.

In recent years, Brown has built a reputation for his erratic behavior — which numerous NFL fans blame on Vontaze Burfict for knocking AB's lights out in 2016.


In all likelihood, Antonio Brown knew that the picture would take some attention off his recent stop at a Dubai hotel pool. During his visit, AB flashed fellow swimmers with his Johnson, which should warrant a punishment harsher than any NFL penalty. (Right ... right?!)

Brown tweeted about the public-nudity reports.

In the meantime, Brady's online team sacked AB for trying to troll the GOAT.

"U happen to go to the pool today?" one comment read.

"Seek help bro," another fan begged AB.

The longtime NFL receiver needs a better retirement playbook.

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