Andy Reid Reveals Post-Super Bowl Pizza Order, And It Was A Great One

Andy Reid celebrated winning his second Super Bowl by ordering himself a tasty pizza.

Reid and the Chiefs beat the Eagles down in Arizona to take home the Lombardi Trophy home Sunday. While Patrick Mahomes might have celebrated with possibly 100 beers, Reid had a little bit of a different approach.

He wanted a tasty piece of cheesy pizza.

Andy Reid scooped up a hot pie after the Super Bowl.

Reid, who Terry Bradshaw told to "waddle" over to his post-game interview, opted for pizza as his celebration meal.

"I went to Pizza 51. That's what I did. I got a mushroom sausage pizza and a salad just to make my chubbiness feel good," Reid told KSHB 41 about his post-game celebration meal.

Going with a sausage/mushroom combo is a hell of an order. That's a vet order. That's a guy who has been around the block or two. Serious boomer energy and I mean that in the best way possible.

What kind of pizza can you expect at Pizza 51?

While I'm a bit of a pizza enthusiast, I must admit that I don't know anything about Pizza 51. I'm sure most of you reading this are in the same boat.

A quick trip to the company's website seems to indicate it's a pretty standard and reasonably priced place.

A single slice for under $5 and a 14" pizza for $14 seems like a hell of a deal. Good luck finding those prizes in major cities like Washington D.C. or NYC. Plus, you can get it stocked with all your usual toppings.

Whether it's beer or pizza, you simply can't go wrong no matter your plans after winning the Super Bowl. Once you earn that ring, you have the green light to eat/consume whatever you want. What's the point of being a champion if you can't celebrate?

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