Terry Bradshaw Tells Andy Reid To ‘Waddle’ On Over To Interview

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Terry Bradshaw poked a little fun at Andy Reid’s weight after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs took care of business Sunday night against the Eagles to hoist the Lombardi Trophy, and Bradshaw was feeling himself while conducting the postgame interviews.

Specifically, he took a little jab at Reid being on the heftier side.

Terry Bradshaw pokes fun at Andy Reid’s weight after the Super Bowl. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

“Let me get the big guy in here. Come on, waddle over here,” Bradshaw told Reid with a slight chuckle in his voice.

Bradshaw also told the Chiefs head coach to “have a cheeseburger on us” as he closed down the postgame interview.

People weren’t happy with Terry Bradshaw for his comments to Andy Reid.

Given the fact it’s 2023 and people have never been softer, there’s always something to be outraged about. Many people wake up and immediately look for something to be upset about.

Well, Bradshaw gave them great ammo Sunday night with these comments. People lost it on social media because, apparently, they don’t have anything better to do.

Everyone needs to relax. Did Andy Reid look offended? Did he look ready to lose it? Not at all. He didn’t actually seem to care at all.

In fact, he might have chuckled to himself. Not everything that you hear that you don’t like needs to cause outrage.

It’s the Super Bowl, Bradshaw was attempting to be funny and some of you didn’t like it. Who cares? If your biggest issue in life is what Terry Bradshaw is doing on TV, then you’re living a very easy life.

Andy Reid and the Chiefs beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Andy Reid is 64. If he has a problem with Terry Bradshaw, he can speak for himself. He doesn’t need the cringe crowd (might have to make that a trademarked OutKick term) coming for Terry Bradshaw. Stop being offended at everything. It’s just not necessary.

Written by David Hookstead

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