Jackson Mahomes Was Unbelievably Cringe After The Super Bowl

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Jackson Mahomes was just as cringe as expected after the Chiefs beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes’ brother is known for being just awful and unbearable. While Patrick Mahomes seems like a great guy, his wife and brother make cheering for the Chiefs borderline impossible.

People were pulling for the Eagles just to shut up Jackson Mahomes. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and the aftermath was brutal.

Jackson Mahomes is the king of cringe.

Somehow, Mahomes’ little brother found himself on the field after the game and decided to film a pair of TikToks.

Go ahead and dive in. If I saw it, you have to as well.

Does Jackson believe he played in the game? Does he think he somehow is important enough to behave in this fashion or show his face at all?

He has some notoriety because his brother is a future hall of famer. Instead of playing the role of solid sibling, he somehow manages to make everything about himself.

It’s almost impressive just how much attention he manages to redirect to himself. It’s like Jackson Mahomes and Patrick’s wife Brittany are in a competition to see who can be more cringe.

Reminder, neither has ever thrown a pass in an NFL game. Neither should be popping off on social media, especially not in this fashion.

Jackson Mahomes continues to be unbearable. He filmed multiple TikTok videos on the field after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Eagles had the chance to save America from the hell that is Jackson Mahomes. Instead, the Chiefs won and we now get to continue to deal with this garbage. Thanks a lot, Philly!

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