Hateable Jackson Mahomes Is Back To Flaunting His Brother’s Wealth On TikTok Ahead Of The Super Bowl

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I’m going to need a Jay Glazer update on Patrick Mahomes’ throwing hand before Super Bowl LVII because the guy was definitely punching a wall after watching his brother, Jackson, on Thursday flaunting his brother’s private jet wealth.

The hateable Jackson couldn’t resist showing off the jet he and family members used for their trip to Phoenix where meal ticket Patrick will attempt to beat the Eagles and keep the money rolling in to support his brother’s lavish lifestyle.

“Made it to Arizona,” Jackson popped off.

Jackson Mahomes showing off the private jet he took to Phoenix for Super Bowl LVII. / TikTok

It didn’t take long before the anti-Jackson Mahomes side of the Internet took notice and went on the attack.

“Bro is the only reason I want the Eagles to win,” one hater wrote, while another noted that there should probably be an over/under bet for the number of TikToks Jackson posts this weekend. The total was set at 10.

You can guess where the comments went from there:

“Please Eagles win.”

“What a DB! Patrick needs to put his ass in check! I get it…blood is blood…but man this dude is a F#%* stick!”

“pat, please stop him, he f–king u up fir real!!!!!”

“Hop back on that fcking plane and leave.”

“Jaylen hurts its in your hands for him to shut up.”

By Thursday night, we had Hateable Jackson — and Pat Mahomes Sr. — making a TikTok at some Phoenix establishment. He’s officially up to TWO Toks if you’re gambling on the weekend O/U total.


super bowl week TikTok’s with dad

♬ Sure Thing (sped up) – Miguel

The comments on this video were much more complimentary because the turd wasn’t flaunting Patrick’s wealth and people like Pat Mahomes Sr.

“You’re dads so chill, I met him in Nashville last year and he was cool to hang with,” Kylie Jean wrote.

Meanwhile, Dawn C. is fed up with Hateable Jackson.

“Dude pick a different song! You are so annoying!,” she replied.

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