An Old Jalen Ramsey Quote About Josh Allen Continues To Haunt Him

Jalen Ramsey's old take about Josh Allen continues to be one of the worst opinions in NFL history.

The Bills and Allen dominated Ramsey and the Rams 31-10 Thursday night to open the NFL season, and the talented quarterback went off for 353 total yards and four touchdowns in the route.

Not only did Josh Allen dominate the Rams as a team, but when targeting receivers covered by the former Florida State star, he had a perfect passer rating. The Rams DB gave up 124 receiving yards and a pair of touchdowns, and the situation is made much funnier when you remember his ice cold 2018 take about Allen being "trash."

"I think Allen is trash. I don't care what nobody say. He's trash. And it's gonna show too. That's a stupid draft pick to me," Ramsey told GQ ahead of the 2018 season starting.

There are bad takes, regrettable takes, takes that don't age well and then there's whatever kind of take this was from Ramsey.

Before Allen even threw a pass in the NFL, Jalen Ramsey declared he was a garbage player. Since then, Allen has paid for it twice.

The Bills beat Ramsey back when he was on the Jags in 2018 and he absolutely dominated the DB and the Rams Thursday night.

It just goes to show when you make bold predictions, you sometimes get humiliated. Add in the fact Ramsey got picked apart in front of America, and it makes the situation so much funnier.

Next time, wait until a guy has thrown a few passes before declaring whether or not he's a "trash" player.