20-Year NBA Vet Udonis Haslem Tries To Learn 'The Griddy'

Look out kids. Gramps Haslem is out here cuttin' a rug.

The Griddy continues to be the biggest thing in celebratory dance moves since the Ickey Shuffle thanks to NFL players like Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase among many, many others.

Now, the Miami Heat's Udonis Haslam — who is headed into his 20th NBA season, all of them in South Florida — tried his hand at the Griddy.

The 42-year-old's Griddy coach was someone more in the know when it comes to this sort of thing, rookie Orlando Robinson. He's headed into his first season after playing college ball at Fresno State, and gave Haslem some pointers,

"Put your old school swag in it and you got it," Robinson said after Haslem's maiden Griddy. That's just a nice way of saying "C'mon old man."

After Haslem gave it another whirl, Robinson couldn't help but stifle some laughter.

The Heat social media team just found their off-day content gold mine. Have younger players show Haslem some Gen-Z stuff, then have him try it out and let the hilarity ensue.

Alright, maybe not hilarity, but mild amusement.

Perhaps Haslem will work on his Griddy and if he drains a timely bucket he can bust it out and it'll blow up everyone's internet machines.

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