Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Drops New Olivia Dunne Content

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit continues to tease its shoot with Olivia Dunne.

The LSU gymnast will be a focal point of the latest issue, and it’s just the latest sign she’s riding an unstoppable rocket to the top of the internet.

The news spread like wildfire as soon as it broke that Olivia Dunne had done a shoot with the publication.

Now, more pictures have been released by SI Swimsuit, and as you’d expect, everyone is paying attention. You can check them out in the tweet from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit below.

Olivia Dunne is taking Sports Illustrated Swimsuit by fire.

You know you’re cooking with gas whenever you team up with Dunne to drop new content on the internet.

It’s like putting the ball in Michael Jordan’s hands at the end of a game. It’s always guaranteed to work. Olivia Dunne has more than 11 million total followers between Instagram and Twitter, and has become an absolutely unstoppable force online.

There are a lot of people who are popular. No female college athlete comes close to Olivia Dunne. That’s why her NIL valuation is by far and away the highest in college athletics.

Star LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne sees massive NIL boost. (Credit: Getty Images)
Olivia Dunne is a monster star online. She will be in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. (Credit: Getty Images)

Teaming up with Dunne is a genius idea.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, generally speaking, makes solid lineup choices. Of course, there’s certainly been some head-scratchers, but most of the time, SI Swimsuit gets the job done.

The publication also has a great history when it comes to the athletes/models crossover. The greatest example is probably Paige VanZant, who really took things to the next level. Alex Morgan and Genie Bouchard are two other notable examples.

Now, SI Swimsuit has joined forces with Olivia Dunne. Will it be the best partnership in recent memory? Well, I can definitely promise it will go over a hell of a lot better than the Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney disaster.

It should be interesting to see what Sports Illustrated Swimsuit drops before the full issue comes out. The content spigot definitely won’t be turned off.

That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank!

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