South Carolina High School Threatened To Remove Toilet Paper For The Rest Of The Year Because Kids Were Flushing Entire Rolls

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I don’t know what’s wrong with kids these days, man. They don’t even know how to misuse toilet paper properly.

A school in South Carolina reportedly threatened to do away with toilet paper because kids were flushing entire rolls of it.

“Administration has decided to take the toilet tissue out of the restrooms for the remainder of the school year,” an email from Newberry High School Assistant Principal Cornelius Cromer said, per WIS 10 News.

You tell ’em, Cornelius. Toilet paper is a privilege, not a right.

I thought kids who grew up during that early part of the COVID pandemic where people inexplicably hoarded TP would revere it. Not waste it.

Although, do you remember your school’s sorry excuse for toilet paper? You could’ve swapped it out with a little bit of 80-grit sandpaper from shop class and no one would notice.

I am disappointed that kids don’t waste toilet paper the way they used to. TPing a friend’s house used to be a rite of passage. It was the perfect way to goof on your buddy while committing petty vandalism against their parent’s property.

This guy probably loaded up on toilet paper during the pandemic. There were a lot of lies told during that time, but not once did anyone say a word about diarrhea and yet it flew off the shelf. (Getty Images)

A Follow-Up Email Revealed That Toilet Paper Will Remain In The School

However, just a few hours after TP Czar Cornelius said it would be removed from Newberry High School, the district’s chief human resources officer, Carson Ware, sent a follow-up that said the toilet paper wouldn’t be removed.

“The message was sent in an attempt to deter the misuse of paper products throughout the restrooms in our school,” Ware said. “We have not removed the toilet tissue from the restrooms.”

Yeah, I’m guessing there were a few angry parents in the inbox after that initial message.

I have a one-word solution that will put an end to this fiasco. It could even save the district some money in the long run.


Clean. Simple. Effiient.

Unfortunately, the reality is that those little hellions who were flushing entire rolls of thin, scratchy toilet paper would probably break the bidets.

This is why we can’t have nice things anymore.

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