South Carolina Fans Savagely Storming The Field ON THE ROAD After Beating Clemson Raises One Big Question

South Carolina walked into Clemson’s trap and took over Clemson’s trap. Literally.

After falling behind 23-14 at halftime, the Gamecocks battled back to beat their in-state rivals by one. It marked their eighth win of the season and No. 7-ranked Clemson’s second loss.

Clemson and South Carolina have played 119 times, dating back to 1896. Entering the weekend, the former had beaten the latter in seven-straight games.

The Tigers’ winning streak is over. Shane Beamer, in his second year with the program, notched his first win in the ‘Battle of the Palmetto State’ and did so on the road.

That is what makes the postgame scene so unique. Gamecocks fans stormed the field… on the road!

Rarely, if ever, do visiting fans rush an opponent’s field. It is not typically something that happens, but it did Saturday.

Clemson has a tradition called “meeting at the paw.” Tigers fans meet at midfield after each and every game.

Not this week.

South Carolina fans were the ones who met at the paw.

Storming the field at an opponent’s stadium is absolutely savage, but it also raises one big question. Will there be a fine?

In the SEC, when fans rush the field, the program is met with one of the following:

  • $50,000 fine is levied for the first field storm offense.
  • $100,000 fine is levied for the second field storm offense.
  • $250,000 fine is levied for the third field storm offense and those after.

LSU was fined twice this season, Texas A&M was fined last year— and so on and so forth.

If South Carolina beat Clemson and stormed the field at home, it would have been fined $100,000 because its fans stormed the field after beating Tennessee in Columbia last weekend. But it wasn’t at home.

Do the Gamecocks still get a fine? Or is it negated because it was on the road?

Tigers fans are allowed to “meet at the paw,” so that presumably means that opposing fans are allowed to do so as well. South Carolina will likely avoid a fine because its fans stormed the field on the road, and not at home.

Because that makes sense, right?! *eye roll*

Either way, it was savage.

Written by Grayson Weir

Grayson doesn't drink coffee. He wakes up Jacked.


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  1. I would disagree. This isn’t “savage”. It’s disrespectful and dangerous. I have no dog in this fight. However, every college win no matter how insignificant in the big picture results in fans rushing the field. It puts players in danger as well as staff. I am not the fun police. You never see thus in the NFL. In order for fans to rush the field it should be for an epic win for the ages. They do it every week now. If I were acClemson player watching opposing fans rush th field after a difficult loss it would take all of my patience not to blast someone.

  2. Sooner of later some drunk fan, after consuming beer the entire game, will storm the field and swing at a 300lb athlete and get crushed. Who will get in trouble? The athlete. A storming after an “epic win for the ages” will likely be the venue as that will be when emotions are at their rawest. Ultimately it will take some draconian measure by the NCAA to force a school to protect the players and the sport. How about the next game without a student section or curtail alcohol sales in the stadium? This is a major incident brewing and most likely the increased alcohol consumption due to in-stadium sales will be determined to be the genesis. This is akin to the internet in the way the relative anonymity frees people to say things because they know they won’t get punched in the face like they very well might in person.

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