Soccer Player Gets Hit With A Fish, Fan Who Hit Him May Have The Best Arm Ever

Soccer fans are absolutely ruthless. There is a reason so many stadiums around the world have giant nets and fences around them to contain fanbases and keep objects off the field, but during a recent match in Buenos Aires, a very unique object made its way onto the field.

During a Primera Division match between Independiente and Racing Club, Independiente forward Leandro Fernandez was struck in the face by a fish.

While getting smacked in the face with a flying fish sounds unpleasant, Fernandez really sold the incident by immediately falling to the ground as if he had just been clipped in the face by a bullet.

To stay on par with soccer stereotypes, Fernandez stayed on the ground and was checked out by a medical team that had to drive a cart onto the field to make sure he was alright. He returned to the action, but his team ultimately lost the match.

We need to of course talk about the fish-tosser here. Talk about absolutely impeccable aim. This fan likely planned this stunt for days, managed to sneak the fish inside the stadium, and actually managed to connect with his toss.

We don’t condone fans throwing things, but the successful fish toss here simply has to be acknowledged.

Written by Mark Harris

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