Soccer Fans Harass Eight-Year-Old With Brain Cancer By Stealing and Burning Jersey

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Driven by fandom or not, this was a disgusting act by French soccer club AC Ajaccio supporters.

AC Ajaccio fans were criticized following reports of an eight-year-old Marseille fan with brain cancer being viciously mocked during a Saturday night game at Stade Francois Coty.

Eight-year-old Marseille fan Kenzo, ailed by a brain tumor, was invited to the anticipated Ligue 1 season finale against Ajaccio. The invite was quickly marred by news of the abuse.

Kenzo and his father were also physically harassed at the venue. The young boy had his jersey torn off of him and burned. Meanwhile, Kenzo’s father was struck in the face twice by the Ajaccio fans. Kenzo reportedly also suffered a facial injury.

Soccer Club Rebukes Harsh Behavior From Fans

Ajaccio released a statement regarding the assault. The club rebuked the fans’ behavior and dedicated themselves to apprehending the thugs responsible for the attack.

“The dream rapidly became a nightmare when Kenzo and his parents, who were wearing Marseille’s colors, were shamefully jostled by individuals who got into their box,” Ajaccio said in a statement.

“As soon as these individuals can be identified by our staff, we will bring prosecutions against them.”

Disgusting Behavior From Ajaccio Fans Leaves Many in Shock

Both teams were at the center of controversy over the weekend.

Marseille fans were criticized after reportedly attacking a journalist from France 3 TV following the match. According to Punch, the fans followed the journalist to a local filling station to physically assault him. He received medical attention after suffering non-life-threatening “wounds to the face.”

Ajaccio’s chief prosecutor Nicolas Septe said, “Initial evidence points to serious acts of violence committed by a group of individuals who we are trying to identify.”

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