Virginia Woman Finds A Snake The Length Of A Shopping Cart Inside Popcorn Bag At Grocery Store

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A Virginia woman grabbed a bag of popcorn while shopping at a grocery store and discovered a hole in one of the corners. Being a good citizen, she threw the bag in her cart to take it to the front of the store so it wouldn’t be sold to someone else.

That turned out to be a rather poor choice.

Shortly after putting the bag in her cart, she noticed a snake casually slithering out of the hole.

“The thing had popped out, and you know, I was like, oh, well, hi!” Kimberly Slaughter said, according to WTVR.

Slaughter explained that when she brought the cart to the front of the store the snake emerged from the bag and slithered around before returning inside the bag.

This wasn’t a small snake, either. She said that once out of the bag, it was the full length of the cart.

Slaughter made note to WTVR that she has a baby at home and worried what might have happened if she made it home with the snake-filled popcorn.

“I have a baby, and he is just starting to walk,” Slaughter said. “So imagine if he was a little bit older, or if my niece had gone and been like, ‘hey, I want some popcorn’ and grabbed that bag and it bit her. It’s not safe. It’s not healthy.”

Definitely not safe or healthy. One might say absolutely disgusting.

As for the store, its going to conduct an investigation as to where the snake may have come from.

“We have no idea where it came from,” a store manager said. “We are investigating trying to find out where it came from, but we have no other indication that there could be any others.”

Snakes seem to be popping up in food at an alarming rate at the moment. Last week an airline passenger found a snake head as part of their in-flight meal.

Written by Mark Harris

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