Skip Bayless Challenges Charles Barkley To Join ‘Undisputed’ After ‘Idiot’ Comment

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Skip Bayless had heated words for “Inside the NBA” host Charles Barkley as Bayless’ show “Undisputed” continues its search for a new co-host.

Less than a month since the FS1 show lost co-host Shannon Sharpe over reported differences between him and Bayless, Skip is stepping up to recruit Barkley, albeit in a very degrading manner.

Bayless essentially ‘challenged’ Barkley to join “Undisputed” as the new host to continue their off-the-air hatred for each other.

Skip Bayless Call Out Barkley After ‘Idiot’ Comment

The 71-year-old Bayless declared on his podcast that Barkley’s addition to “Undisputed” would be a ‘dream’ so that he could “annihilate” Barkley daily.

Here’s what Bayless had to say about Barkley.

Charles Barkley would be my dream debate partner on Undisputed. I would dive out of bed every morning out here in Los Angeles at two o’clock in the morning to get to work with Charles. Please, Charles, please come and please work with me, this ‘damn idiot.’ What a joy it would be to do battle every day with Charles Barkley live on television.

I could semi-retire. I could mail it in. I could, dare I say, actually have a life and forget about prepping so furiously hard. I’d have to do is let Charles go first and listen to him make a fool out of himself… I wouldn’t even have to try. So please, please, please, Charles, come be this damn idiot’s debate partner. Please let me annihilate you on a daily basis. Let me make barbecue chicken out of you.

During last week’s The Match golf event, Charles Barkley briefly mentioned Shannon Sharpe and stated that he was envious that Sharpe got paid to debate an “idiot” like Bayless.

Bayless is a man of many grudges, so don’t expect him to let go of this for the foreseeable future.

Would Charles Barkley make a good ‘Undisputed’ co-host?

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  1. The next time that Bayless annihilates Barkley in a war of words will be the first time. Bayless has no insights into sports, no sources who trust him. He’s a tired old windbag who people watch for the same reason Jerry Spring got huge ratings: To watch a human train wreck.

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