Sisters Arrested After Threatening Neighbors For Having Loud Sex

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Loud neighbors and threats at an apartment complex in Houston led to the arrest of two sisters. The sisters are accused of grabbing their guns earlier this week to confront their noisy neighbors.

The sisters claim the confrontation took place because their neighbors were being too loud during sex. Houston police arrested Alexis Davis, 25, and Treasure Bibbs, 21, for allegedly pulling a gun on a married couple just before 7:00 am on Monday morning.

Sisters Arrested After Threatening Neighbors For Having Loud Sex
Sisters Treasure Bibbs and Alexis Davis (Image Credit: Houston Police Department)

According to court documents, Davis and Bibbs both had guns during the February 13 incident and threatened to shoot Kevin Frank, 30, and Kiara McPherson, 29, for “being too noisy.” These weren’t the first threats the couple had received from the sisters.

Police say that the neighbors have had an ongoing dispute over noise coming from the couple’s apartment. They’ve reportedly left notes on Frank and McPherson’s door threatening to kill them and their kids.

David and Bibbs face 20 years in prison after being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Bibbs posted the $15,000 bond and was released. Her sister wasn’t as lucky.

Davis’ bond was much higher. It turns out she was already out on bond for a prior felony arrest. She remains behind bars in lieu of $200,000 bond.

According to The Smoking Gun, Davis was arrested last year for allegedly stealing a car from a used car lot. The car, a 2008 Buick, had been repossessed after she failed to make payments on it.

Unbeknownst to Davis, the car had a GPS tracker installed. It was later found in front of Davis’ home.

There Are Legit Noise Complaints, Loud Sex Isn’t One Of Them

How many threats do you received before deciding to move? The sisters aren’t fans of loud sex and apparently all you have is loud sex.

That seems like a situation that isn’t going to be easily resolved. It’s surely not going to be resolved through a rational conversation. The death threats over noise have made that abundantly clear.

So has the arrest for stealing a car that was repossessed. If I’m the married couple I’m requested, at the minimum, to be moved to a new apartment.

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