Man Calls Police After Hearing A Woman Screaming In NYPD Precinct Parking Lot, Turns Out It Was Two Officers Having Sex

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If we’ve learned anything lately, we’ve learned police officers are getting it on while at work on a fairly regular basis. Not many get down like internet’s favorite former Tennessee cop, but every time you turn around there seems to be a story about cops getting busted for having sex at work.

The latest took place earlier this week in a parking lot outside of a Brooklyn precinct. The two, who are partners, were caught by other officers having sex in a car in the parking lot reserved for officers.

These two loud lovebirds might have been on their own time, but they couldn’t make it off the premises before getting intimate.

NYPD Officers Caught Having Sex In Precinct Parking Lot
Officers caught having sex in parking lot at 79th Precinct in Bedford Stuyvesan (Image Credit: Google Maps)

A man called the cops around 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning after hearing a woman’s screams. The screams were coming from the parking lot outside of the 79th Precinct in Bedford Stuyvesan. The man feared the woman was being hurt and couldn’t see which vehicle the screams were coming from.

Two other NYPD officers responded to the call and investigated the matter in the parking lot. They found two of their fellow officers getting it on in a car. The unnamed man and woman were naked at the time and according to a source, “They were getting hot and heavy.”

The two officers have been reportedly having a not-so-secret affair. In fact, the male officer’s wife became aware of the relationship and showed up at the precinct last summer.

NYPD Officers Are People Too

A source provided some information about the incident and what followed. They said of the wife, “She showed up to the precinct to confront the girlfriend.”

“Shortly after in the rear of the precinct, with bosses and cops present, the two cops got into a huge altercation because of the wife,” the source continued. “Nothing was done.”

Not only was nothing done, but the source added that after the incident the two officers were “partnered up.”

Unfortunately there isn’t a saucy police report or any body cam footage that might come out of the two getting busted. The responding officers reportedly did not file a report or activate their body cams while investigating the call. That was a real missed opportunity.

As for the two caught having a loud lovemaking session, they’ve been placed on modified duty. If that’s not another way of saying slap on the wrist, it should be. There’s no harm, no foul here is there?

Written by Sean Joseph

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