Sister Of Celtics’ Al Horford Suggests Double Standard Surrounds Nikola Jokic Celebrating With His Brothers

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Anna Horford is not about that brotherly love.

The sister of Boston Celtics’ big man Al Horford is calling out the apparent double standard between men and women who support their siblings in sports.

Anna reposted a video Tuesday that showed Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic celebrating with his older brothers, Nemanja and Strahinja, after Denver won Game 5 to close out the NBA Finals.

“Huh… I don’t see anyone calling them clout chasing sluts for publicly supporting their brother… Funny how that works,” she wrote.

Horford then clarified her comments, tweeting, “This is not a jab at the Jokic brothers. They’re supporting their family, as they should. I was pointing out the double standard.”

Anna is, of course, suggesting women get unfair criticism for clout chasing or capitalizing on their famous siblings. Men, she believes, get a free pass.

Regardless, Anna has not been shy when it comes to supporting her brother or voicing her opinion about other NBA players.

In fact, she’s not really shy about anything.

In January, Horford said she received death threats for a now-deleted tweet about LeBron James throwing a tantrum.

And last year, she made her feelings known about the “dirty” play of Draymond Green and Jordan Poole.

“Stop tweeting and play the background… y’all be embarrassing y’all loved ones,” one person replied.

“Go out on that court then lemme see u play,” another person tweeted.

But Anna believes the criticism is unwarranted and that fans wouldn’t give her so much grief if she were Al’s brother instead of his sister.

Clearly, though, she hasn’t heard the way people talk about Jackson Mahomes.

Written by Amber Harding

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