Sick Of These Mandates: Gov. DeSantis’ COVID Strategy Proves To Be Working As Hospitalizations Drop 69%

Either Florida has the nation’s best-kept secret, or the mainstream media is diverting attention from a post-COVID strategy that is working for the Sunshine State.

Over the past six weeks, hospitalizations have dropped a whopping 69 percent in Florida without the need to confine citizens at home or implement a mask mandate to “stop the spread” — once again proving that the rampant mandates have been made exclusive of the data.

The revelatory number out of Ron DeSantis’ state has been a godsend for Americans eager to return to a post-COVID society and teenagers looking to get a raunchy joke off. COVID numbers continue to steadily decrease across the board in Florida, and without vaccine mandates to halt natural immunity, sets up the state for fewer breakthrough cases down the line — according to a study out of Israel that supports recovery over inoculation.

Long-term picture aside, Florida’s COVID data is beating out Blue states that are still using mandates from 2020. On Sept. 30, Florida saw a single-day number of COVID cases at 4,781. Meanwhile, New York totaled 4,979 new cases, despite abundant regulations on indoor establishments and mandatory vaccine passports in NYC. California’s single-day figure on the same day doubled the amount with 9,241 cases.

As the so-called Gov. “DeathSantis” narrative from the mainstream media, e.g. CNN and MSNBC, runs out of gas quicker than Brian Stelter on an elliptical, Americans in Blue states still wait on their leadership to drop masks as the data reinforces COVID’s spread working independently from the Dems’ science-less mandates.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. We have to stop using the term “Vaccine” to describe these shots(and also call out the Corona-brows when they do it) . By definition a vaccination provides immunity from a virus. These shots do not do that,

    • Vaccines are also made up of dead virus. It makes the body produce a different type of antibody compared to the mRNA shot that targets spike proteins and changes your dna while making the body produce different antibodies. It also can wake up dormant cancer genes and put them in overdrive. That sex in the city shmuck that was a member of the church of vaccine and shamed nonvaxxers died after getting the shot. He was healthy with not a sniff of cancer then the shot accelerated a cancer gene and boom he dead. These things are not good. There have been no long term studies. Other vaccines get studied and have 20 years of data before they are mass produced and given in a large scale. When they try to trick you by saying “ your kids have to be vaccinated to go to school this COVID vaccine is just like that” . No it’s not. Those are real vaccines this is an experiment.

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