Study: Natural COVID Recovery Gave Israelis Longer-Lasting Delta Defense Than Pfizer

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New research out of Isreal suggests that natural immunity gained from contracting and then recovering from COVID-19 provided Israelis with longer-lasting protection against the Delta variant than two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine.

The study looked at patients who had either received two shots of the Pfizer vaccine, or tested positive for the novel coronavirus, by the end of February 2021. Over 46,000 individuals were used for the report.

The study, which has been published but not yet peer-reviewed, determined that fully-vaccinated individuals have a six-time higher chance of contracting the Delta variant than individuals who naturally defeated COVID with their immune system.

In the two control groups, there were 748 total cases of infection, with 640 of them being fully-vaccinated individuals, and 108 in the previously-infected group.

The study also determined that  vaccine-dependent people had a seven-times higher chance of symptomatic infection, and a 6.7-times higher risk of being hospitalized.

The most striking deviation from mainstream vaccine protection narratives came in the form of a specific group that was infected during Israel’s third wave, from January to February 2021. In this group, vaccinated individuals exhibited 27 times the risk of acquiring COVID and developing symptoms than did patients with natural immunity.

The authors of the study noted that their work is significant for taking a wide time-frame and using a large data sample. They penned: “Our large cohort, enabled by Israel’s rapid rollout of the mass-vaccination campaign, allowed us to investigate the risk for additional infection — either a breakthrough infection in vaccinated individuals or reinfection in previously infected ones — over a longer period than thus far described.”

Written by TK Sanders

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