Shirtless Instagram Model Fails To Flirt Her Way Out Of A DUI Arrest

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Flirting to get out of traffic stops might have worked before the days of bodycams. As one Instgram model found out after she was pulled over, those days unfortunately are long gone. She allegedly blew through a red light in the early morning hours while driving around the Tampa area.

When turning on the charm didn’t help her with the field sobriety tests she ended up in handcuffs. Instagram model Melissa Seals was pulled over at around 3 am on February 10th for running a red light. The officer noticed marijuana “shake” all over her and suspected she might have been under the influence.

Instagram model Melissa Seals DUI Arrest
Instagram model pulled over for DUI (Image Credit: Behind the Mugshot/YouTube)

The 21-year-old, who was driving around without a shirt on, went from giggling to threatening to sue the officer. After failing the field sobriety tests, Seals was taken to jail for driving under the influence.

The arresting officer performed a search of her vehicle after she was placed in handcuffs. During his search he found marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside of it. She later refused to take a breathalyzer test.

The video of the arrest and the subsequent trip to jail showed showed how she turned into a backseat lawyer. She made several statements to the officer about knowing her rights and suing the officer for violating them.

Being An Instagram Model Is All About The Content

Melissa Seals was booked at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. She was released hours later on a cash bond. Her case is ongoing and she is reportedly awaiting trial.

The bio of her Instagram account states that in addition to being a model, she’s also a singer/songwriter and law abiding citizen. That last part has to be a reference to her run in with the Tampa PD.

Because she understands the content game, anyone who manages to tip the 100,000 follower mark usually does, her most recent post also includes “law abiding citizen” in the caption.

The bio and caption are moves you have to respect. I’m not a fan of driving under the influence, if in fact she was, but I’m a sucker for a strong content game.

This self-proclaimed law abiding citizen definitely has one of those.

Written by Sean Joseph

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