Shemy Schembechler Apologizes For Liking Tweets That Led To Resignation

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Shemy Schembechler has apologized for liking a variety of different tweets that led to him losing his job at Michigan.

The son of legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler resigned from a position with the football program after being on staff for just a few days.

His resignation came after people discovered he’d liked tweets quoting Thomas Sowell, in support of RFK Jr., tweets about how black people suffer when reliant on the government, Jim Crow, a tweet showing black people fighting and tagged as Biden voters and other controversial tweets.

Shemy Schembechler resigned from Michigan after his Twitter history came to light. (Credit: Twitter)

Schemy Schembechler also liked a tweet that the BLM riots in 2020 were bad for America. That’s an opinion lots of Americans hold.

Shemy Schembechler resigned from Michigan after his Twitter history surfaced. (Credit: Twitter)

Some of the tweets he liked were in reference to Jason Whitlock claiming the nuclear family breaking down was the biggest threat black people in America face.

Shemy Schembechler apologizes for liking tweets.

“Any words or philosophies that in any way seek to underplay the immeasurable suffering and long-term economic and social inequities that hundreds of years of slavery and the ‘Jim Crow’ era caused for Black Americans is wrong. I was wrong. We must never sanitize morally unsanitary, historical behaviors that have hindered the Black community, or any other community. There are no historical silver linings for the experience of our brothers and sisters,” Shemy stated in part in an apology statement released Sunday through a PR firm, according to Heather Dinich.

Shemy lost his job after his likes surfaced.

The son of the legendary college football coach was shown the exit over the weekend after just a few days on staff.

“Effective this afternoon, Shemy Schembechler has resigned his position with Michigan Football. We are aware of some comments and likes on social media that have caused concern and pain for individuals in our community. Michigan Athletics is fully committed to a place where our coaches, staff and student-athletes feel welcome and where we fully support the University’s and Athletic Department’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion,” head coach Jim Harbaugh and AD Warde Manuel told fans in a joint statement Saturday night.

Shemy Schembechler resigned, his Twitter is now gone and it’s unlikely he’ll be able to work in major college sports again after his Twitter history came to light. Make sure to check back to OutKick for any updates as we have them.

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