Shemy Schembechler, Son Of Legendary Michigan Coach, Resigns From Wolverines Staff After Social Media History Comes To Light

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The son of legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler has resigned from his role at Michigan, just three days since accepting the job. After taking a job on Jim Harbaugh’s staff as assistant director of football recruiting, Shemy Schembechler is now out of a job.

Jim Harbaugh and athletic director Warde Manuel released a joint statement Saturday evening confirming the news.

“Effective this afternoon, Shemy Schembechler has resigned his position with Michigan Football,” the statement read, the statement noted. “We are aware of some comments and likes on social media that have caused concern and pain for individuals in our community. Michigan Athletics is fully committed to a place where our coaches, staff and student-athletes feel welcome and where we fully support the University’s and Athletic Department’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

The news comes just a few days after Schembechler announced on social media that he was headed to Ann Arbor to take the job. The son of former Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler, Shemy previously worked as a scout in the NFL, with the Raiders being his last job.

Former Michigan Coach Bo Schembechler's son Shemy Schembechler resigned from his position today
Head Coach Bo Schembechler of the Michigan Wolverines talks with an official while his team warms up before the start of an NCAA football game circa 1986. Schembechler coached the Wolverines from 1969-89. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

After the Wolverines announced his hiring, a number of social media posts that were liked by Schembechler started to make their rounds on social media. A number of Twitter users started pointing out the insensitive tweets he was engaging with. Over the past two days, his account was being scrubbed of past likes and retweets, according to one report.

Soon after he announced his new job at Michigan, social media users pointed out a number of of bigoted and racial content that Schembechler was liking and retweeting. As the number of interactions were pointed out, Shemy had deactivated his account, after trying to clean up his account.

Now, after a few days of backlash, Shemy Schembechler is without a job. All of this could’ve been avoided if Michigan had done its research of his social media, but this seemed to fall through the cracks. One would think that a school this big would go to further lengths in researching what some might find offensive.

Michigan will now look to fill the role, once again. I’d imagine the human resources department will take a closer look at the next candidate’s social media interactions. It would certainly save them the headache and embarrassment that the last few days provided.

Written by Trey Wallace

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  1. Michigan needs to be consistent with this policy. They need to review the social media accounts of all ticket holders and financial donors. Anyone with profiles and/or “likes” similar to Schembechler‘s should be given their money back and not allowed to attend Michigan games. It would be fun seeing only about 8000 fans sitting in their 110,000 seat football stadium. What a joke. It will be interesting to see if any Michigan alums push back.

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