Shaun King Threatens Reporters: ‘I Know Where You Live’

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BLM scumbag Shaun King has again threatened reporters for reporting the truth. This time, King vowed to inflict “pain” on two New York Post writers, Kevin Sheehan and Isabel Vincent.

On Instagram, told Sheehan and Vincent he has written down their addresses and is keeping tabs on their every move.

“I know where you live. Where you used to live. Where your family lives. Where they work,” King wrote in an unhinged post. “And a few thousand other people know now as well.”

“You posted my house online. And caused white supremacists to show up at my doorstep to terrify my wife and kids,” King said while posting headshots of Sheehan and Vincent. “I’m going to at least make it uncomfortable for you. You aren’t going to post about my personal life without consequence.”

“You motherf***ers that won’t leave me and my wife and kids alone … I’m about to return this pain back to you,” he wrote in another post.

In 2021, Vincent reported that King bought a lavish $842,000 five-bedroom lakefront home in New Jersey. The story did not include an address.

The Post, and other sites, frequently publish images of new homes that people in the news purchase. Despite King’s claims, this practice is not exclusive to him.

So that’s why King has threatened Vincent and her safety. As for Sheehan, he posted a story on Sunday that revealed King used donor money from his political action committee to buy a $40,000 guard dog.

King doesn’t deny exploiting donors and taking money they donated to non-federal political candidates. Instead, he says he had to buy the dog to — wait for it — protect himself against white people.

Here’s King’s message to Sheehan:

“To Kevin Sheehan of the @NYPost. Just to be clear. Like you and your peers at the NY Post have done to me and my family…I know where you live. Where you used to live. Where your family lives. Where they work. How you move around New York. Where you shop in Queens. And a few thousand other people know now as well.”

He knows where the reporter shops in Queens and keeps tabs on his purchases. King is one of the worst people to have ever had a platform.

In 2018, he falsely accused a Texas state trooper of raping a black woman during a traffic stop. A released video a few days later proved King fabricated the incident.

Staying on brand, King falsely accused Robert Cantrell of murdering a 7-year-old black girl just months later. After a frenzy of threats toward him and his family, Cantrell hanged himself in jail where he was serving time for unrelated charges.

A court later found that two men, neither of whom were Cantrell, murdered the girl. King lied about this too, and Cantrell committed suicide as a result.

So when King says “white supremacists” are showing up at this home, no one believes him. His track record suggests he’s lying.

If King weren’t a privileged member of BLM, perhaps law enforcement would consider his stalkerish, potentially violent behavior of concern.

As the media warns, white men are dangers to society.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. Shaun King…..AKA…..Talcum X…..or Tupac Sugar…..or Cream Abdul Jabbar…….fake black guy, race hustler, scam artist according to many former colleagues. I’m sure the Post reporters are shaking in their shoes.

  2. Normally opposed to publishing public figures’ home addresses – but maybe we should make an exception for this clown.

    But the reporters should go to court and get a restraining order – that way if he does show up in their neighborhood, cops have a reason to at least cuff him, run him downtown, and get him a new booking photo …

  3. Only in the black community where they will allow someone to be the voice of their community who is from another ethnic group. Will white folks, Hispanics, Asians,Middle Easterners,etc. allow this to happen? I doubt it.

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