Fraud Shaun King Buys $40,000 Guard Dog With Donor Money

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Longtime race-baiter and fake victim Shaun King purchased a $40,000 guard dog using donor money from his political action committee, Federal Election Records reveal.

The Grassroots Law PAC spent as much money on King’s dog as it did on non-federal political candidates in 2021, the promoted quest of the committee.

The Pac says it helps elect progressive candidates to invoke “systemic change to end oppressive policing, incarceration, and injustice in this country.” Shrewd but dishonest branding.

According to the filing, King bought the dog to provide “alertness and protection” for himself. The group first made a $10,000 “contractor deposit” to Potrero Performance Dogs in December, then paid the $30,000 outstanding amount two months later.

Any sucker who donated to King’s faux fight against racism contributed to a dog that he bought for the price of a car.

Even worse than exploiting donors, King brought the dog into his home, made it feel like part of the family, then sent it back to the kennel.

King originally posted a photo of his new guard on social media, naming the good boy “Marz.” We like the name, by the way. But as the Washington Beacon found, he has since deleted the post. That’s because the Potrero shelter says Marz’s adoptive father returned him to the cage.

“He’s got a little too much energy to be a family dog so he came back,” Potrero explains.

Welcoming a dog into your home and then sending him back is cruel. Imagine telling this thing it’s no longer part of the family:

From King’s now-deleted post.

Does King adopt children and send them back? My guess: yes.

Everything about King is phony. From his back story to his self-reported skin color to his purported experiences in America.

He has taken advantage of vulnerable radicals who have helped buy his multiple mansions. In 2021, King rewarded himself for his BLM advocacy with a lavish $842,000 five-bedroom lakefront home in New Jersey.

His lies span from false claims of racism to why he deleted his Twitter account. The race hustler deactivated his account following Twitter agreeing to sell the service to Elon Musk in May. But because he’s nothing without Twitter, he reactivated it a day later and said he set his account to private because Don Jr.’s white friends sent him death threats.

How does a private account show up to the public as deleted? It doesn’t. We explain.

King lends much credence to the media’s narrative that white men are awful. #DogFeelingsMatter.

Written by Bobby Burack

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