Shaq Served FTX Lawsuit Papers At Old FTX Arena After Lawyer Saw Him On TV

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I’ve never been more proud of a headline in my life. Shaq served FTX papers at old FTX arena because lawyers saw him on the TNT broadcast before the game is the most perfect thing I’ve ever crafted.

I mean, come on. The irony doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

I’m also never quite sure when it’s the right time to use irony, but this feels right to me so I’m going with it.

Yes, it’s all true. After months of dodging papers like Patches O’Houilian dodged a wrench, Shaquille O’Neal was finally served his FTX class action lawsuit during Tuesday’s Celtics-Heat game at what used to be FTX Arena.

“We saw on Sunday that Shaq was announcing the Heat/Celtics game from the podium in our Arena. And we also saw him walking around the arena a few times to go visit Pat Riley across the court,” Lawyer Adam Moskowitz said in his statement to Business Insider.

“Therefore, we just planned to serve him at last night’s game.”

Shaq served FTX papers at old FTX arena.

FTX papers finally catch up to Shaq

Incredible. I cannot WAIT for the 30 for 30 on the historic Shaq vs. FTX process servers battle of 2023. What a wild goose chase it’s been from the jump.

This race has been going on for months, with lawyers bitching and moaning just last week about not being able to serve Shaq — a mega TV personality who’s on literally every single night and also is a billion feet tall.

From OutKick last week:

Lawyers representing plaintiffs suing the now-defunct FTX cryptocurrency have complained to a judge that Shaquille O’Neal is purposely avoiding them.

Even though Shaq is an NBA Hall of Famer, an on-air TV personality, and oh yeah – SEVEN FOOT ONE, the lawyers are arguing that he’s made it increasingly difficult to receive the legal paperwork.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the plaintiff’s lawyers said they tried serving Shaq a number of times at various locations including his Texas and Georgia homes and even outside TNT studios, but were repeatedly blocked.

Until Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Someone on the TNT security team screwed the pooch earlier this week, and Shaq was apparently a sitting duck.

“Our process server walked up to the platform. And you can see on TV, many Heat fans were standing right next to the TV booth and he saw Shaq and gave him both sets of papers,” Moskowitz’s continued, adding that O’Neal had the snitch server kicked out of the arena.

Sadly for Shaq, though, it was too late. The little punk had finally handed over the papers after months of trying, and it was game over.

Gonna need someone to get their hands on that video and send it my way ASAP, by the way. I’d imagine it’s amazing.

Anyway, good luck to Shaq and the other A-listers being sued for pumping up FTX before the old crypto company went to sh*t.

Give ’em hell, big guy!

Written by Zach Dean

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