Shaq Believes Jill Biden Inviting Iowa To The White House Was All About Race

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Shaq is typically pretty tame with his takes, but that has not been the case following his alma mater LSU and its women’s basketball team winning the national title over Iowa. Not only did he recently spew a wild and inaccurate take about LSU’s Angel Reese, but also brought race into the situation while discussing First Lady Jill Biden and the Hawkeyes.

Biden, following in the footsteps of her husband, decided to sound like a moron by making a comment about inviting Iowa to the White House along with LSU the day after the Tigers beat the Hawkeyes in the national title game.


She was torched by everyone that possesses common sense after suggesting the Hawkeyes make a trip to Washington D.C. Instead of simply calling the First Lady’s comments stupid – which they were – Shaq thinks there is more to the story, and it has everything to do with skin color.

During his most recent episode of ‘The Big Podcast,’ co-host Nischelle Turner asked Shaq to share his thoughts about Biden inviting Iowa to the White House to which he not so subtly hinted it was centered around race.

“I want people to use their imaginations. You know what it was about. I’m not going to mention it,” Shaq responded. “You know what it was about, right?”

“We can say it,” insisted Turner. “It became a race issue. It became a team of all black girls beating a team of all white girls. That’s what it became.”

Shaq believes Jill Biden inviting Iowa to the White House was centered around race. (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images)

Shaq Thinks Race Was Behind Jill Biden Inviting Iowa To White House

While Shaq said that he doesn’t like to throw the word ‘race’ around he didn’t hesitate in using the phrase ‘that versus that,’ which is him clearly referring to black vs. white.

“So in the history of me going to the White House and all the champions going to the White House, we never even mentioned the second team, right?” Shaq continued. “But the fact that it was that versus that. And the other, that lost, that’s when they wanted to make it a participation. ‘Oh they lost but they were there and all that.’”

O’Neal is two-for-two this week in making headlines with his outlandish comments. Not only was the First Lady being racist when she invited Iowa to the White House, but Reese is the greatest athlete to ever come out of LSU?

Yikes, big fella.

Written by Mark Harris

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