Shane Beamer, An Ardent Supporter Of Women’s Sports, Catches Unwarranted Heat For Yelling At Female Student-Athletes

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The most noteworthy thing to come from South Carolina’s 48-7 beatdown by Georgia had nothing to do with the Gamecocks’ performance in the actual game. Instead, it had everything to do with head coach Shane Beamer appearing to yell at female student-athletes.

Between the first and second quarters, South Carolina female student-athletes were recognized on the field to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX. This was forward-thinking from South Carolina with Lia Thomas and the Biden administration ruining women’s sports and tarnishing the civil rights law so many people fought for 50+ years ago.

Nevertheless, the ceremony took a bit longer than expected, and the start of the second quarter was delayed a bit as the female Gamecocks exited the field. Beamer was frustrated and was caught on camera yelling “get off the field” as his team was preparing to go for it on 4th and 9.

Jyllissa Harris, who plays soccer for South Carolina, explained the situation saying the athletes were on the field for “maybe 15 seconds.” Given the tight quarters of South Carolina’s football stadium, it took a little longer to get off the field.

The video of Beamer screaming has over 500 quote tweets, and to no one’s surprise, the vast majority are saying that his behavior was unacceptable. To make matters worse, South Carolina failed to convert on fourth down after a terrible play call.

Should Beamer Be Catching So Much Heat For Yelling At Female Athletes?

We’re living in the year 2022 which means any man — especially a white man — screaming about anything is a sin. You add the fact that Beamer is yelling at a group of female student-athletes celebrating Title IX and some people will be calling for his job. Deadspin should have an article titled ‘Angry White Coach Shane Beamer Should Be Fired For Yelling At Females’ by the end of the day.

The fact is, the ceremony delayed the start of the second quarter in the biggest home game of the year for South Carolina. It also happened while the Gamecocks were still in the game before the floodgates opened.

Beamer was already frustrated with his team down 14-0 facing a monumental 4th and 9 and he has to send his offense out there for an extra 30+ seconds giving one of the best defenses in the country more time to figure out personnel.

Shane Beamer has a positive history with women’s athletics at South Carolina, a fact going completely ignored (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

Every single coach in America would be yelling “get off the field” in this situation. Beamer had every right to be irate about what was happening.

Of course it’s a bad look for Beamer if you look at it without any context and want to be angry at a man for screaming at a bunch of women, but context does matter.

The people to blame here are the organizers of the ceremony. The female student-athletes simply did what they were told and it certainly wasn’t their fault that organizers didn’t allow enough time to exit the field.

OutKick’s Trey Wallace pointed out that it’s likely Beamer was yelling at them and not the athletes.

Shane Beamer Has Nothing To Apologize For

Beamer was, of course, forced to issue an apology.

“I was worried about what was going on in our own offensive huddle. I apologize to anyone that I offended. That was just my initial reaction,” he said. But he had nothing to apologize for.

Beamer is a major supporter of all women’s athletics at South Carolina and consistently congratulates women’s teams at the beginning of press conferences. Some are willing to overlook that and throw all of the positive he’s done for women’s athletics out the window just to tear him down for this one moment.

Dawn Staley, the South Carolina women’s basketball coach, even showed support for Beamer after the ‘incident.’

Staley supporting Beamer should tell you all you need to know. This is the same woman who canceled her team’s upcoming series against BYU over alleged racist incident that was proven to be a hoax.

Beamer has received support from other women’s coaches at South Carolina as well.

Although Beamer didn’t need to apologize, you can’t blame him for getting out in front of the mob he knew would be coming after him.

It’s fantastic that South Carolina decided to honor Title IX and promote women’s athletics during the biggest home game of the season. The school easily could have done this during a game against a no-name opponent, but instead, it did so on the biggest stage the Gamecocks will have all season.

That won’t be talked about, however, because people want to focus on a football coach trying to do his job but quite literally couldn’t.

At the end of the day, every one of these female student-athletes is going to be alright after Beamer shouted at them to get off the field from over 50 yards away.

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  1. A grim reminder of what “America” is dissolving into and not so inexorably. Today its Shane Beamer … tomorrow it will be some other hapless “white man”. The Era of the cell phone camera plus Social Media spares no one.
    High profile “white guys” better take heed … whatever their occupation. Knee-jerk reactions such as Beamer simply anxious to coach his team can quickly smear him erroneously as a misogynist bully…. and bring the woke vultures to feed on his entrails.

  2. Character assassination 101. They’re teaching courses in most Colleges and Universities around the world. it doesn’t matter who you are and even less what you did, if we can skew it to the advantage of Antifa….mily, we’ll destroy you. Weak individuals, supporting a flawed ideology!

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