Sean Payton Goes Full Cringe With Motivation Tactic Involving An Old Car

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Sean Payton is going full high school coach mode in an attempt to motivate the Denver Broncos.

Payton was hired to inject life into the Denver Broncos after an atrocious 2022-2023 that saw Nathaniel Hackett last less than a year.

Sean Payton uses cringe motivation tactic. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

What’s he doing to get the guys fired up? He’s putting an old car on display in the parking lot to send a message about only looking to the future, according to Peter King.

King wrote the following:

Payton told me he’s going to put an old car front and center in the parking lot so that all players and coaches will see it. He said he’ll have the rearview mirror plus the side mirrors removed from the car. As he said at the Combine, he wants his players and his new organization to look ahead, and not behind, at the nightmare that was the 2022 Broncos season. So if you see a stripped-down old jalopy alongside some very nice vehicles in the Broncos parking lot this season, you’ll know why.

Sean Payton breaks one of life’s only rules.

As we often say here at OutKick, there’s only one rule on the internet that we have to enforce at all times: the crime of being cringe.

It’s the kind of violation you never bounce back from. This is an automatic ticket in the world policing cringe.

Does Sean Payton think he’s coaching teenagers? He’s coaching adult men, many of whom are millionaires. These tactics don’t work on guys with mortgages and kids to feed. I’m not even sure this would work with some high schoolers.

Will Sean Payton be a success with the Broncos? (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

When I was in high school (I was not on the football team to be clear), a high school coach claimed our rival spray painted part of our end zone before the big game. Nobody believed it. It was viewed as nothing more than a staged stunt to motivate the team. If teenagers don’t buy foolish motivation tactics, how do we think millionaire grown men will react?

The answer is obvious, and it’s that it won’t work. It’s just comical and completely unnecessary from Sean Payton. If your players need stunts like this to motivate them, then you have the wrong guys. It’s that simple.

As Nick Saban would say, get the right guys on the bus and get the wrong guys off.

The good news is Payton is already churning out some fire content, even if it is 100% cringe. At this rate, the regular season is going to be a blast. Just leave the cringe tactics at home, Sean. It’s just not necessary.

Written by David Hookstead

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