Sean Payton Reveals He Had Conversations About Becoming Washington Commanders Coach for 2023

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Sean Payton was one of the hottest coaches available in this year’s cycle but absolutely nobody pegged the Washington Commanders — who currently have Ron Rivera leading the team — as a contender to land one of the elite minds in the game.

The former Saints front man shared a wild scenario with Adam Schein on Friday and admitted he was contacted to gage his interest in coaching in D.C.

“Everyone is waiting to see what is going to happen in Washington,” Payton said. “And there was some interest from potential ownership groups that are going to be bidding on that team, or have bid on that team, saying ‘hey, if we get awarded this team would you…”

The new Denver Broncos front man then shared his long affinity for the Washington franchise and its storied history.

“When I came into the league, my first two years were Philly, my next four years were the New York Giants and my next three were with the Cowboys. So my whole career prior to New Orleans was the NFC East.”

“Listen, my uncle loved the Washington franchise,” Payton added. “Last year we go there to play and in pre-game I’m looking up in the stands and a third of the fans are Saints fans and I was like what happened to this place?”

“That was one of the six pillars” Payton added referencing the Glory Days under Joe Gibbs, the Hogs and before Daniel Snyder ran the franchise into the ground.

Schein noted there used to be a 50-year waitlist to get tickets.

“That was a special place, it will come back,” Payton concluded.

We hope it comes back sooner than later, and that starts with Snyder actually selling.

Sean Payton Would Be A Dream For Commanders Fans

Listen, I have bled burgundy and gold as long as I remember and, at age 35, I have seen nothing but embarrassment and dysfunction (other than RG3’s rookie year) for the entirety of my fandom.

Rivera is one of the most likable coaches in the NFL but he’s proven to be average. Payton has proven to be elite, so the fact that this was even a real conversation is just another blow to a fanbase that has been beaten and battered for far too long.

At this point, we don’t even believe Snyder will truly sell until it actually happens.

Written by Sean Labar

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