The ‘Other’ Scott Stallings Mails The ‘Real’ Scott Stallings His Masters Invitation

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We may only be three days into 2023, but we may have already witnessed the golf story of the year thanks to Augusta National sending the wrong Scott Stallings an invitation to compete in this year’s Masters.

On Monday, Scott Stallings – the three-time PGA Tour winner – shared a screenshot of a direct message he received on Instagram from another Scott Stallings, and what a direct message it was.

This ‘other’ Stallings explained that he is from Georgia and is married to a Jennifer just like pro golfer Stallings is. He received a unique package and opened it up only to find an official invite to play in the 2023 Masters.

Stallings shared a screenshot of the message, which included photos of the actual Masters’ invitation.

While plenty of people out there – myself included – would have held onto the Masters invitation and tried to sneak my way down Magnolia Lane in April, it’s also nice to see the ‘other’ Stallings do the right thing and reach out to the actual Scott Stallings.

Later that same afternoon, the mistaken Stallings shared a video of him standing outside of his local UPS store getting ready to mail the actual Stallings his Masters invitation.

He very sarcastically explained, “I’m having to send my invitation to play at the Masters back to the other Scott Stallings.”

The other Stallings told Golf Channel that he isn’t expecting some good deed in return for his own.

“The story itself is fun enough,” he said. “It’s just crazy how it’s exploded.”

What a guy.

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