Scott Frost: Nebraska Isn’t Tethered to Big Ten

Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost spoke to the media today. He essentially said that while he hopes the team plays a Big Ten schedule, if the conference opts out then they’re up for grabs:

“I ask the players to fight for us all the time on the football field,” Frost said. “Sometimes the head coach’s responsibility is to fight for what they want too. Our football players want to play. The coaches want to coach. We want to play football this year at the University of Nebraska.”

Reading tea leaves, it seems like the Big Ten have backed off a bit from the immediacy of their decision to cancel football this Fall. Dan Patrick and the Detroit Free Press reported that Big Ten presidents voted 12-2 to cancel football season, with the holdouts being Iowa and Nebraska. Pete Thamel has since reported that the Big Ten denies there was a formal vote. Now we see that Nebraska would be up for grabs if the Big Ten cancels the season.

What a wild day in the college football streets.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Had the Virus happened in 2019, and college was shut down, we might never have seen or heard of Joe Burrow. That guys set Unbreakable records and won the Heisman and the National Title.

    He might be just a ‘dude‘ in 2020 without the football season last fall. Think about that. He had the best year of any QB in College history.

    Which athletes are out there right now with their dreams on the verge of being destroyed?

    You hear that sound? It’s the sound of Colleges Being on the Wrong side of history.

  2. God Bless him, always liked Scott Frost. Nebraska is never again going to be the 1980’s Nebraska, but its great to see that brand on TV and they are a huge draw for any team in a bowl. I’d rather play a 7-5 Nebraska team in a bowl than a 9-3 Iowa State or Texas Tech.

    • It’s hard for any blue-blood program to remain dominant for too long (Alabama currently, Nebraska of the ’90s, USC of the ’70s), but I would like to see these great programs be good and get to play for large trophies again.

      As a Trojan fan, I share your desire to see your program prominent and on tv on a regular basis (USC of the aughts). Best of luck. Hope Scott Frost can do it.

      • I was blessed to See USC at Auburn in the infamous Nightmare on the Plains game back in 2003. Matt Lionhearts first game, the Wild Bunch Two D-Line. Great football. Loved the USC band as well. SC deserves better than the Pac 12, bunch of chumps these days.

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