Scott Frost Could Win 50 Games In A Row And Still Not Catch Bo Pelini’s Record At Nebraska

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If he fails to get Nebraska back on track, Cornhuskers head coach Scott Frost may be a thing of the past.

Waning confidence in Frost swept over the program after Saturday’s narrow 31-28 defeat to Northwestern at Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

Frost’s one-score defeat against the Northwestern Wildcats came after the Cornhuskers blew an 11-point second-half lead — adding to Frost’s rough track record with the football program.

One eye-opening stat relayed by college football reporter Jim Weber pointed out how Frost could rip off 50 wins in a row and still come short of former HC Bo Pelini’s record when the preceding coach was fired.

“After yesterday’s loss, Scott Frost is now 15-30 at Nebraska,” tweeted Weber. “Bo Pelini was fired after going 67-27. If Frost wins his next 50 games in a row, he would still have a worse record at Nebraska (65-30) than Bo did.”

It’s amusing to think that Pelini was fired for much less damage than Frost has done, but the facts remain.

The deflating loss was familiar to Frost and the Cornhuskers with Nebraska’s record in one-score games at 5-21 under the coach.

A look down Frost’s long road toward breaking even with Pelini was a somber reminder to Cornhuskers fans of the five-year skid and potentially doomed future with Frost at the helm.

One crucial call that got Frost plenty of pushback on Saturday was his decision to go for an onside kick in the third quarter with an 11-point lead, which resulted in the Wildcats recovering the ball and cutting the deficit to a one-digit lead.

The coach said in the postgame interview that he entirely regretted the decision.


“I made that call, so it’s on me,” Frost said. “At that point in the game, I felt all the momentum was on our side. I thought if we [recovered] it, we could win the game. … I felt like maybe we were the better team. You can’t really foresee them scoring 14 straight and us sputtering after we played well to start the second half on offense.

“Those are excuses. If I had it over, I wouldn’t have made the call.”

According to ESPN Stats & Information, “Nebraska became the first major-conference team in the AP Poll era, which goes back to 1936, to lose seven straight games by single digits.”

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