Say It Ain’t, Joe: White House Plans To Stay Masked Up

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Though many would argue the entire Biden administration is a clown show, today’s traveling contingent more closely resembles a theatre act — a cosmetic theatre act, that is. A short time ago, the Associated Press announced that the White House will still require masks for those traveling with President Joe Biden.

POTUS and those around him insist that the mask charade is “in line with CDC guidance.” The performance will be on public display later this afternoon when President Biden is scheduled to speak in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

In addition to President Biden and those traveling with him on Air Force One, persons in the presidential motorcade accompanying Biden to New Hampshire will also be required to mask up, per White House correspondent Jennifer Jacobs.

The decision to keep hiding behind a mask comes less than a day after a federal judge essentially told the Biden administration to cease and desist the unnecessary COVID hysteria cosplay.

As OutKick’s Sam Amico outlined Monday, U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, overturned the Biden administration’s nationwide directive requiring masks on airplanes and other forms of public transit. Mizelle ruled that the CDC had overstepped its authority with the mandate, referring to it as “unlawful.”

Upon hearing the news, airline employees and passengers alike wasted little time ditching their masks and breathing freely. Viral videos of celebratory actions quickly spread.

OutKick founder Clay Travis was amongst many who shared those celebrations, tagging a video: “I love these videos of pilots and flight attendants ending the mask mandate while passengers are on airplanes. Masks should never return for the rest of our lives. They don’t work and had zero impact against covid.

Earlier this morning, popular ride share companies Uber and Lyft joined in on the fun, confirming that neither their passengers nor their drivers would be required to wear masks.

And yet, the White House still insists on continuing the year and a half long horror show. Hopefully, Americans demand a refund this November.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I can understand the very old and frail those like well the president wearing both a depends and a face diaper but everybody else enjoy liberation,unless of course you live under a communist regime that has it’s citizens under lockdown begging for food China.

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