Sara Cardona Is Miami’s Hottest New Reporter, Stallone Daughters Are A Handful & Herbstreit Trashes ‘Jacka–‘ OSU Fans

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Good afternoon from the free state of Florida, where literally everything is going our way. The Miami Heat are unstoppable, the Florida Panthers are a unit, Ron DeSantis is about to run for President and we just completed a trade for sportscaster Sara Cardona.

And by the way, if we’re going in order of importance, I’d put that last one way at the top. It was a damn blockbuster and brought Sara back home where she’ll fit perfectly into the lineup.

You’ll see.

It’s been a while since we spoke — at least in public. I’ve heard from plenty of you since our last chat on Monday, with my Yuengling Flight taste test and ensuing plea for help garnering plenty of reaction.

We’ll open up the mailbag in just a bit, but we’ve got plenty to get to first.

Let’s see — the Stallone daughters make their reality show debut tonight and it’s easy to see why. Lauren Broebert — the hot grandma lawmaker from Colorado — is back on the market and the wokes can’t STAND it.

Obviously we’ll hang with Miami’s Sara Cardona and check in with Kirk Herbstreit.

Oh yeah, I also started White Lotus over the weekend and was NOT prepared for how episode 4 ended last night. Unfortunately, it’s too late for me now. Maybe I can save you?

Grab one of the spiked Mountain Dews Publix keeps begging you to buy and settle in for a Thursday lesson.

Let’s discuss the Stallone daughters

We could’ve started just about anywhere today, but I feel like the offspring of Sylvester Stallone is as good a place as any.

I know Nightcaps hit on Sir Sly scaring the hell out of his daughter’s’ potential boyfriends last week, but for some reason they’re in the news again. This time, the family is set to debut their brand new reality show — The Family Stallone.

Don’t know anyone who was asking for this, but clearly the daughters are about to steal the hearts of Americans across the country. Are we seeing the next wave of Kardashians? Sure, why the hell not?

I feel like any time you go by the nicknames The Risk Taker, The Scene Stealer and The Heart, there’s a pretty good chance for some Grade A drama down the line.

Can’t wait to see how Sylvester handles it! As the gals says — they’re Stallones, they can handle anything.

Lord knows Sylvester has over the years. Go check out the guy’s Wiki page — it’s a ROLLERCOASTER.

Former ESPN reporter Sara Cardona is coming to Florida in blockbuster deal

After doing a little digging, I’m gonna guess Sophia is the biggest wild card in that group, but it’s close. I don’t know — maybe it’s Scarlett? The youngest kids are always the craziest.

I know this for certain, though — NBC 6 in Miami just traded for Kentucky sports reporter Sara Cardona for a player to be named later, and it’s the steal of the century.

I don’t care who the PTBNL is, she ain’t as good as Florida’s newest resident. Not by a longshot. I’m talking an absolute fleecing by NBC 6 here.

I’m thinking she’s gonna fit in just fine down in Miami. And hey, Sara’s a former Florida star anyway. Google tells me she used to cover the Gators up in Gainesville and before that was a sideline reporter for Middle Tennessee State working with ESPN.

Cardona comes from Lexington most recently, where she covered all things Kentucky sports.

Google also tells me that one Sara Cardona was spotted at a Wildcats basketball game back in February with former Bachelor star Clayton Echard, but that’s not all.

She once apparently dated NFL tight end Eric Saubert back in 2017 when he was with the Atlanta Falcons.

Well, guess what? Eric signed with the Miami Dolphins back in March.

File that one away for the fall.

Welcome to South Florida, Sara Cardona!

Now let’s greet Sara with a pair of NBA AND NHL parades next month, fellas.

Nightcaps readers are not-so-shockingly VERY pro-Yuengling

Talk about a Thursday deep dive! You ain’t getting that sort of investigative journalism anywhere else today.

OK, let’s check the mail!

From Caleb:

Nice work on nightcaps. I can certainly relate to your approach and spin on things. I can relate with reopening your recruitment.

I’ve had Yuengling a lot, especially lately (formerly mostly Busch Light). The Light is my favorite followed by the lager and then Flight. From what I remember, I wasn’t that impressed with Flight. Compare the color of light and flight and you’ll see a huge difference. The light can be a little tougher to find is its only knock. That’s just my $0.02.

And, from Duncan:

I also bought some Flight last week, it’s pretty light. And at the price, I’d rather stick to my Miller light. I think the Yuengling light is heavier, it’s much darker, more of a lager. It’s next on my list to try. But if your store has it, try the golden pilsner. It will be my summer beer this year. 

Yuengling and Miami reporter Sara Cardona are the perfect pairing.

Lauren Boebert trashes Bud Light during divorce proceedings

I’m all in on tracking down and trying the golden pilsner. Love that suggestion. Seems right down my alley.

And hey! Looks like Duncan also mows on Thursdays! That’s about as trustworthy as you can get, I hear.

PS: Caleb also asked me for any suggestions for things to do over in Pensacola. I know it’s in Florida, but that’s about as far as you can get from where I am over on the east coast. I’ve never been there. I will say, I’ve always wanted to try the Flora-Bama Lounge. I know that’s not exactly a local hangout, but I’d like a review if you check it out.

Let’s now check in with Colorado congresswomen Lauren Boebert, who Nightcaps identified months ago as the world’s newest hottest grandma.

Sadly, Lauren recently filed for divorce from husband Jayson — but that doesn’t mean she won’t go to bat for him!

Jayson doesn’t sit around cleaning guns and he certainly doesn’t drink beer out of a glass, just as much as he doesn’t drink Bud Light.

Out of all the apparent false allegations made against Jayson during this divorce — including RUNNING OVER A MAILBOX and “sicking” the dogs on the process server — being accused of drinking Bud Light is an absolute kill-shot nowadays and even Lauren won’t stand for it.

Everyone has a line in the sand and for Lauren, it’s Bud Light.

Nobody warned me about White Lotus

Not that I had to tell you, but Lauren ain’t a democrat.

Don’t know if she’s seen HBO’s The White Lotus, either, but if she hasn’t — buckle up, congresswoman!

I’ve told you for months now that I’ve been looking for some new shows to drink my Yuengling Golden’s with at night, and I’ve recently stumbled on a couple winners.

From on Amazon Prime and MGM+ may be one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. If you liked Lost back in the day and like the whole creepy-thriller genre, this bad boy is for you. It’s excellent and relatively unknown. Jump on the wagon now.

And if you also liked 24 back in the day, go ahead and start watching Rabbit Hole on Paramount+. Kiefer Sutherland basically reprises Jack Bauer for 10 straight episodes and the twists are already at a 24 level of ridiculousness.

The wife and I also recently started White Lotus, which exploded this past year seemingly out of nowhere over on HBO. It’s essentially a dramatized version of Seinfeld with an unreal cast, including OutKick legend Sydney Sweeney.

Sydney, by the way, plays just an intolerable college kid who makes Joe Biden look conservative. Seriously, she’s the worst.

So far, I really like it. Don’t know why, because it really is essentially about nothing, but I can’t stop watching.

And then we got to the end of episode 4 last night, and I immediately needed a shower and Jesus.

I can’t share what I saw, but I’ll never be the same. It involved two fellas being caught in an undesirable position and it made Game of Thrones look like a walk in the park. I’d take the Red Wedding scene 1,000 times on a loop over that.

Anyway, it’s still shocking 24 hours later, so I had to vent a little on the way out. Any White Lotus fans out there? Does it get better? Worse? Anything else I need to have my head on a swivel for?

Herbie fully loaded and Randy Johnson take us home

Thanks for getting us back on track, Sydney!

Two more on the way out.

First, Kirk Herbstreit sounds like he had a great time at a celebrity dinner in Toledo earlier this week!

“The 15 percenters, they get mad at anything,” Herbstreit told the Toledo Blade when asked about Ohio State fans calling for Ryan Day’s job.

“That percent is going to be mad at something always. [Day] could win the Michigan game, go to the playoff and lose, and they’ll be mad about that. That group is just a bunch of jackasses who kind of embarrass all of us as Ohio State fans. So I don’t really care, honestly, what that group thinks.”

LOVE a pissed off Herbie. Nothing better. Well, scratch that — uncensored Kirk Herbstreit is always good, too. Our man is the KING of the College GameDay hot mic in the fall.

Three(ish) more months, baby. We’re so close. Come on, fall!

Here’s some peak Randy Johnson to hold us over.

Let’s have a night.

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