San Jose Sharks Play ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme After Drafting Will Smith

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San Jose is where rookie NHL centerman Will Smith will be spending most of his days.

Drafted with the fourth-overall selection of the 2023 NHL Draft, the coincidentally named Will Smith — associated with the Hollywood actor — embraced the jokes with his name.

Upon his selection by the San Jose Sharks, Smith walked out to the famed “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song, which starred Will Smith (the actor).

It was an entertaining bit on a memorable night for Smith.

When the ESPN interview put him on the spot to sing the theme, Smith awkwardly raced through the intro.


The NHL rook isn’t the only athlete to don the name.

There are also guys like Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith and late Saints defensive end Will Smith.

Smith, the newly selected Sharks player, may live under the shadow of the actor for the rest of his career.

Or he can give the name a new legacy by playing his way to an all-time great in hockey. No pressure …

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