Chris Rock Brutalizes Will Smith In New Netflix Special

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Chris Rock won’t hold back against Will Smith in a new Netflix special.

The star comedian got slapped across the face by Smith during the Oscars, and ever since, comedians have been on a warpath against the “Bad Boys” star.

If you can’t make a joke about a guy’s wife in a public setting without facing physical violence, then we’re lost as a society.

Well, Rock will dish out a little justice of his own in his new special “Selective Outrage,” which premieres Saturday.

Chris Rock swings back.

“The other day, I watched ‘Emancipation’ just so I could watch him getting whipped,” Rock recently told his audience while sharing the same material from the special, according to the New York Post.

Smith stars as a runaway slave in the Apple TV+ film. Rock didn’t just crack one joke. He kept it going.

The special will also feature Rock ripping Smith’s marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith for infidelity.

Chris Rock will roast Will Smith in new special. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

“We have all been cheated on. She hurt him way more than he ever hurt me. Everyone knows I’m not spilling any tea. I felt so bad for Will, I tried to call and give him my condolences. Everybody was calling him a b—h except me. But who does he hit? Me,” Rock says in the special, according to the Sun.

He also has told crowds, “He is significantly bigger than me. You will never see me on camera with my shirt off. Will played Muhammad Ali. I played Pookie [in 1991’s ‘New Jack City’].”

Rock should go on offense.

The moment Smith smoked Chris Rock in front of the country, he became public enemy number one for comedians and justifiably so.

In a free society, jokes must be tolerated and promoted. As long as someone isn’t being malicious, who cares?

That’s why it was so awesome to see Ben Stiller recently refuse to apologize for making “Tropic Thunder.”

Comedy must be protected at all costs. If you’re going to attack comedians, you 100% deserve to be roasted in return.

Tom Segura said it best when he said “f*ck that cuck” when absolutely taking a flamethrower to Will Smith.

You can catch Chris Rock’s roast of Will Smith starting Saturday. Will Smith might want to tune out for this one.

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