San Jose Sharks Go On Twitter Spree About Gender Diversity, Tout Mexican Civilization That Believed In Human Sacrifice

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NHL teams’ social media accounts are now trying to advertise the existence of multiple genders based on Mexican doctrine cited 2,500 years ago.

On Saturday, the San Jose Sharks’ Twitter account went on a bizarre spree of tweets highlighting gay culture as part of their Pride festivities.

NHL Team Lectures Fans On Gender

In their tweets, the Sharks (a hockey team) mentioned how gender is perceived differently outside of the Western World. Some tweets mentioned the idea of a “third gender” once accepted in long-gone Mexican civilizations.

Yes, a hockey team is lecturing its fans on gender. And if none of that made sense, it shows just how far sports teams are stretching to promote woke ideologies.

The Sharks tweeted,

“Worldwide, gender diversity is seen far differently than that in the Western World or as you may know it. Most of us are familiar with the male, female, and transgender labels. But in other cultures, the existence of ‘the third gender’ or even fourth and fifth genders is common …

“The muxe gender is a respected third gender in Zapotec cultures in Oaxaca, Mexico that has existed for centuries. Gunaa are those who were born as men but who identify as women & are attracted to men. The Nguii are those who were born as men and are attracted to other men.”

Little did the Sharks know that the Zapotec culture they were highlighting was one that once sacrificed humans as a custom. Doesn’t sound too distant from today’s American culture … but here we are.

Naturally, San Jose received pushback on its promotion of radical gender ideology.

Political commentator Greg Price caught the Sharks’ tweet and highlighted one important caveat to the hockey team’s history lesson.

“The San Jose Sharks want us to take cultural advice from an ancient Mexican civilization that participated in child sacrifice,” Price tweeted in response. He also shared insight into the Zapotec civilization, which “is believed” to have participated in “human sacrifice in some of their rituals.”

Fans, Players and Mexicans Don’t Believe Sharks’ Tweet

San Jose’s tweets were another flop by an NHL team’s quest to bridge sports with LGBT values.

From a first-hand account, Mexicans born before the 1990s aren’t entirely interested in one’s preferred pronouns or fluidity. To assume that Mexican cultures today still value these outdated ideologies lands completely off the mark.

It’s not bigoted of Mexicans to not care about the multitude of genders existing in American culture. Rather, it’s an example of a culture with more concrete items to worry about on a day-to-day basis than those produced by the luxury of free will in the United States.

In a modern Catholic culture whose base still believes in marriages involving a man and woman, mulling the existence of a third gender doesn’t occupy much headspace for most Mexican folks.

And most hockey fans likely relate to that agenda-free enjoyment of their NHL team.

It’s another miss in the NHL’s failed attempts to appease a small sect of the American population. Not only is it bearing little fruit with the fans, but it’s also driving a wedge between the league and players that didn’t sign up to wear rainbow jerseys when the NHL decides it’s appropriate.

For the Sharks’ social media team to look at the beliefs of the Zapotec cultures and sign off on a diatribe about genders, frankly, feels insane.

It’s certainly a bold approach to reeling in the new generations of American fans to watch hockey. Let’s see how it works out for the NHL.

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  1. Go to any Central or South American country and see how many sexes , not genders – gender is a made-up concept these cultures believe in. It is likely two. Furthermore, isn’t San Jose engaging in cultural appropriation? Shame on them.

  2. I used to love the NHL, especially the Flyers. Haven’t watched or followed in any way since they got on board with the woke jerkoffs during the Antifa and BLM riots. This San Jose deal is beyond comprehension.

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