San Diego State In Talks With Big 12, But Still Favors PAC-12

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San Diego State could soon be cashing in on the increased exposure from their run to the college basketball National Championship game.

The Aztecs weren’t able to win an unlikely title, but with several major conferences potentially looking to expand, their success couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Pac-12 continues to reel from the rapidly approaching departure of USC and UCLA, with new media rights hanging in the balance.


The Big 12 is also looking to add teams, with Texas and Oklahoma leaving for the SEC shortly.

That’s provided an opportunity for San Diego State to step in, with both conferences looking to add another major TV market and successful athletics program.

Their success in basketball, combined with a newly built football stadium and attractive location have given them options. And according to a new report, the Aztecs have already identified a favored landing spot.

SAN DIEGO, CA – NOVEMBER 05: A general view of Snapdragon stadium before a game between the UNLV Rebels and the San Diego State Aztecs on November 05, 2022, at Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, CA. (Photo by Justin Fine/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

SDSU Favoring Pac-12 Over Big 12

According to The Athletic, the school has, in fact, been in discussions with the Big 12. But the report states that “unless the money to go to that conference is substantially greater, the Pac-12 makes far more sense.”

SDSU’s athletic director is also extremely confident that the school will wind up leaving the Mountain West for greener pastures. Wherever they might be.

“One or the other is going to happen,” John David Wicker, San Diego State’s AD said. “We’re excited for the opportunity, and we’ve done a lot of work to prepare for that.”

The Pac-12 does seem like a much more obvious fit, given the location and the need to add another major basketball program.

SDSU’s football team has generally left something to be desired, but the massive influx of new revenue from moving to a major conference could prove beneficial.

Utah was in a similar position not too long ago, and has cemented its place near the top of the conference. Not to mention its national relevance; playing in major bowl games almost every year.

San Diego State is a program on the rise, and with two conferences fighting for revelance, they’ll likely have the benefit of multiple options.

Now the question becomes, how quickly will the Pac-12 make the move official?

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