San Diego State Student Gets 2023 National Champion Butt Tattoo In Hours Leading Up To Aztecs’ National Championship Loss

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San Diego State is not the 2023 men’s basketball national champion. UConn won by 17.

Although the Aztecs were unable to win its first-ever national title, you would not be able to tell based on the right butt cheek of one student who made the trip to Houston. It indicates the exact opposite.

San Diego State reached its first-ever Elite Eight and Final Four this season. The program had never advanced past the Sweet Sixteen until this year’s NCAA Tournament.

To celebrate the run, its administration decided to pull a cool move and sent 700 students to Houston for the semifinal and final. While a few thousand bucks is rather insignificant in comparison to the amount of tuition money that the school gets each year, it was still a nice gesture.

Among the Aztecs in attendance was this guy— a nameless fan who got a little bit ahead of himself. At some point during the trip to Houston, he decided to get a tattoo.

The tattoo declares that San Diego State is the 2023 national champs. It features a big SDSU logo (one of the coolest in college sports) and the team’s slogan from the season: “Why Not Us?”

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is “because you lost.” The Aztecs are not 2023 national champions, which raises another question.

What will the unnamed fan do with his butt tattoo?

There are many butt tattoos out there in this world. Their stories live forever and only a select few will ever get to see them.

In this instance, though, the tattoo is entirely inaccurate and could use some revision. Maybe he will go back and add “runners-up” or “participant” to his tattoo? Maybe he can change the year if San Diego State finally gets a title in the coming years? Perhaps it is too late. Perhaps he will forever be reminded of one of the greatest weekends, and worst losses, of his life every time he hops out of the shower.

SDSU 2023 National Champs. Why Not Us?

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