San Diego Padres Apparently Have Unlimited Money

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The San Diego Padres are apparently the wealthiest team in the major leagues.

Baseball fans have often believed that the Yankees, Dodgers or Mets have the deepest pockets, leading to unlimited spending.

Turns out, that was way off.

This offseason has already led to some of the biggest free-agent deals ever handed out, and there are still stars like Carlos Correa yet to sign.

Aaron Judge signed a massive $360 million deal, for example.


But after he signed, reporters broke the incredibly surprising news that the Padres had been involved in the bidding.

They also apparently exceeded the money Trea Turner wound up receiving from the Phillies.

They weren’t done.

Despite already having shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. locked up with a $340 million deal, the Padres committed 11 years and $280 million to Xander Bogaerts.

San Diego Padres shortstop Xander Bogaerts
Xander Bogaerts signs huge deal with San Diego Padres after spending 10 years with Boston. (Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Beyond Tatis, the Padres also have shortstop Ha-Seong Kim, who they’re paying $7 million per year.

Apparently that didn’t stop them from signing yet another shortstop through his age-40 season.

Their free agent spending spree is confusing enough, but it’s even wilder considering a new report on what the future holds.

Padres Intent On Spending Billions

The team has several potential free agents in upcoming seasons. Third baseman Manny Machado can opt out of his deal after 2023, and outfielder Juan Soto will be a free agent after 2024.

The huge commitments to Joe Musgrove, Bogaerts and Tatis might scare off some teams, but not San Diego.

According to the report, they intend on trying to re-sign Machado if he opts out. AND lock up Soto.

Ah yes, “Seidler’s a billionaire.” Aren’t we all?!

It is wild to hear that an extremely wealthy owner actually intends on spending his money.

The overwhelming majority of the time when faced with signing expensive free agents or retaining home grown talent, they cry poor.

Seidler and the Padres have become the new market inefficiency. Reinvest revenue into improving the team.

If they can actually afford to lock down Machado and Soto long term, they’ll supplement the Tatis and Bogaerts core.

Those four hitters essentially immediately make the team a contender every season.

They still have to figure out a rotation once Darvish and Snell become free agents, but based on their apparently unlimited funds, who knows? Maybe they’ll just pay Shohei Ohtani $500 million too.

Why not, it’s just money, right?

Written by Ian Miller

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