Saints Punter Blake Gillikin Hit With ‘Random’ Drug Test After 81-Yard Punt

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New Orleans Saints punter Blake Gillikin had a monster, 81-yard punt against the Green Bay Packers on Saturday night. His reward from the NFL league office? A ‘random’ drug test.

Early on in the third quarter with the ball sitting on his team’s 15-yard line, Gillikin decided to show off his leg and take advantage of some helping wind.


He managed to completely flip the field and nearly pinned the ball inside the five-yard line before it flipped into the end zone for the touchback 81 yards later.

While it may have been downwind, this is an absolute bomb of a punt.

Gillikin woke up this morning to a text from the NFL letting him know that he needed to get to the team facility for a drug test.

You can’t make this sort of story up.

A punter hits a moonshot and the league’s immediate response is to drug test him after a meaningless preseason game, no less. At least he’s taking the impromptu drug test in stride and having a little fun with it on social media.

Gillikin finished seventh in the NFL a year ago averaging 47.7 yards per boot. His longest punt last was 63 yards.

Written by Mark Harris

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