Ryan Reynolds Talks Wrexham Player Not Wearing Shirt When Greeting His Wife

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Ryan Reynolds joked in a recent interview about one of the players for Wrexham FC having a propensity for saying hi to his wife while shirtless.

According to The US Sun, Wrexham striker Ollie Palmer is the man with a propensity to wander out of the locker room, sans shirt, to greet the team’s co-owner and his wife.

“Every time we’ve come as a family we’ve come over we have a walk down to the dressing room,” Reynolds said while being interviewed on the Fearless In Devotion podcast alongside co-owner Rob McElhenney.

“Ollie is always the first one to walk out, completely shirtless, to have a conversation with my wife,” he explained. “I’m like, ‘Ollie put a f–king shirt on and come back out to speak to her like a gentleman.'”

Of course, Reynolds was — as they say in the UK — “taking the piss” out of Palmer.

“Ollie is one of the best guys I know though, really funny, and I’m thrilled for him and his clothing brand. It’s nice to see that take off,” Reynolds said.

Ollie Palmer Wrexham
Wrexham striker Ollie Palmer (seen here wearing a shirt) has been known to greet Ryan Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, without a shirt on. (Getty Images)

Not Wearing A Shirt To Say Hi To The Boss And His Wife Is A Power Move

Obviously, Reynolds was joking, but I still am in awe of Ollie Palmer’s audacity to offer a shirtless “sup?” to the boss’s lady. Can you imagine walking up to your boss’ wife without even throwing on a t-shirt?

I can’t, but that’s because I’m incapable of pulling off that power move the way Ollie Palmer can (also I’d be too shy).

And he’s done it multiple times!

I mean, he didn’t throw a shirt on to hang with McElhenney and his wife/co-star, Kaitlin Olson either.

This takes cajones, but it seems like a missed opportunity for his clothing line. He should be going out of his way to wear one of his clothing line’s shirts in front of these celebrities. Not as a sign of gentlemanly-ness — obviously Reynolds was joking — but as a way to promote his brand.

Maybe they’d be like, “Hey, Ollie; cool shirt.” Then, next thing you know people are wearing them at dumb fashion shows in Milan.

That’s how the fashion business works… I think.

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