Ryan Leaf Torches Johnny Manziel Documentary: ‘Mockery Of Mental Health, Suicide, Substance Use Disorder’

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Ryan Leaf continues to rail against Netflix’s incredibly popular Johnny Manziel documentary.

Netflix recently released “UNTOLD: Johnny Football” and it’s been the talk of the sports world ever since it came out earlier in August.

The documentary follows Manziel’s incredible rise in the world of college football at Texas A&M, and the infamous collapse and events that followed.

It’s a must-watch for sports fans, but Leaf, who overcame his own issues off the field, isn’t a fan. He publicly ripped it during an interview on “Hot Mic,” and is continuing to do so.

The former Chargers QB is NOT a fan of the documentary.

Ryan Leaf destroys Netflix’s Johnny Manziel documentary.

During an X exchange with Marcus Spears, Leaf cut loose and shredded the documentary for seemingly exploiting Manziel without offering any solutions.

“In an attempt to entertain @netflix set the conversation back. It stigmatized MH, suicide, & substance use disorder. Offered zero solutions and took advantage of someone with an untreated disease,” the former NFL QB explained.

Leaf then sent a follow-up tweet that the documentary “mockery of mental health, suicide, substance use disorder, & a cartoon of the Johnny Football character & offered no healing solutions.”

That’s about as blunt as it gets when it comes to criticism. Nothing is left to interpretation.

Does Ryan Leaf have a point about the Manziel documentary?

Whether you agree with Ryan Leaf’s assessment or not, I think there’s some credibility to his claim. I actually raised a similar criticism, while also liking the documentary.

The biggest issue to me is pretty simple. The documentary goes over how Manziel hit rock bottom, had a suicide attempt and then came back…..while showing him drinking beer and playing darts like he’s still in college.

Manziel also showed zero regret about not talking to his best friend for a decade. Some moments of the documentary took viewers back to Manziel’s Heisman year and it was awesome. An incredible walk down memory lane.

Netflix’s Johnny Manziel documentary “UNTOLD: Johnny Football” is a huge hit with fans. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Other moments left viewers confused and wonder if JFF had grown up at all. I think that’s what Leaf is referring to, and in that sense, he is 100% correct.

It definitely seems like Netflix was content just using Manziel to pump out content. However, is the former Texas A&M star in a good place? He’s made some progress, but it seems like he still has a long way to go.

Ryan Leaf continues to shred Netflix’s Johnny Manziel documentary. (Photo by Wilbur/Star Max/GC Images)

Leaf shared similar comments on OutKick’s Hot Mic with Hutton and Withrow earlier this month.

Whose side are you on when it comes to the documentary? Did Netflix do a great job with Johnny Manziel or is Ryan Leaf correct?

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