Ryan Leaf Fires Back After Fan Calls Zach Wilson ‘Mormon Ryan Leaf’

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A fan took a simultaneous shot at current Jets quarterback Zach Wilson and former NFL QB Ryan Leaf, with the latter quick to respond.

If you try to take a shot at a guy who acknowledges his status as one of — if not the biggest draft bust in history, you’d better not miss.

The fan wasn’t even aiming for Leaf. To begin with, he was trying to hurl some shade at Wilson. It’s been a tough year for Wilson, who probably would prefer to rewind time to several months ago when any time he was in the news, it was because he may or may not have banged his mom’s friend.

Those were the salad days for Zach Wilson.

Now it’s about his poor play. Through 7 games he’s thrown for over 1,200 yards with only 4 touchdowns and 5 picks to show for it. Now there’s talk his starting gig could be in question.

Fans Are Getting Upset With Zach Wilson And Taking It Out On Ryan Leaf

Fans aren’t exactly pleased with him either. One responded to an image showing the first 9 picks of the 2021 NFL Draft. An image intended to showcase just how badly the Jets screwed up by taking Wilson with the No. 2 pick.

The Mormon Ryan Leaf. Makes a lot of sense. Wilson of course went to BYU and is an underperforming second-overall pick.

But if you’re going to bring Leaf into it, he’s going to fight back.

As I said, don’t take a swing at Ryan Leaf unless you’re ready for a retaliatory tweet.

Personally, I like how Leaf worded his tweet. “You’re the Jets,” making the fan take their use of the word “we” right on the chin.

That was a nice touch.

There was one last salvo in the war of words between Leaf and the man known to Twitter as @RJBJrThe3rd.

I think Ryan Leaf came out on top in this instance.

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